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And what was it? What billingsley? What billy? And is what Bill you better not be making. These names episode helped me got me are you making that name up? I'm not Who is wanted wanted to. to lead Billingsley PGA tour. Tell you right now. I know there's no one Billingsley on the PGA tour right now. Those are the guys that put into place they prohibition. All right. So they put into place the prohibition of the press being out there covering the president. Right. All right. Maybe I believe that. Where are you? Getting watt Billingsley is on the PGA tour arm the PGA tour as it official right golfer. Oh, You yeah. see you've got you've really got to wait for the explanation and everything like that. All right. So what Billingsley and Leo Dugan? Even if I was going to believe all of this, which I don't even if I was going to believe all of this wasting time talking me for if you don't believe it. I do not believe in abandoning what billings as the guy that teases. What? This. Let's say there is a cat named what Billingsley. Thank you very much. Mr. for not calling us a liar. Calling us a liar two headed greeter. Well, in many ways, you are. All right. How I wish I could hang up everybody. Calm down. What Billingsley said no pictures on? The course, right? And the whole reason for that was on account. They had the pictures of the vigor of the behind. Oh. Shows me that the president doesn't want photographs of himself unflattering poses. I think it's something else. I think he has pictures of him golfing. That's it exactly. The president is on record as having criticize Brooke Obama for golfing. He doesn't want the press out there showing him golfing. Why would you really don't you? Don't get it to you. Presents one of the top notch golfer. He can be on the PGA kinda he's good. But he doesn't wanna be because he wanna to be president. Why would he want to keep the press from taking pictures of his, you know, monster shots and drain and drain? You know during that's what they call. You know sinking? Putt putt. Hey. Right. Give me a look like that Bobby about draining it and you're talking about the president. I know I'm not talking about him. Portraying tap the drain into snake. God. How dare you? Down over there. Did you strike him? No, I did not. I just pushed him. All right. You didn't hit him? No. I did not. Well, then what was he screaming for were you screaming though? I'm putting up a new screen. He's on the second story of our home putting screen up, and I pushed him and he thought he was going to fall. Oh boy. What does that mean? What are you trying to kill a man for God's sake? No, I'm saying he doesn't get the talk about the president United States during a steak, but you do I'm not talking about that just just drop it drop drop drop it..

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