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Cc has been entrenched with some of the firefighters in our region this season and even he's feeling the fatigue not just from watching these men and women fighting literally for their lives but also because he's had to watch the potential. That's hit too close to home in all. This is obviously my home as well. And so you oftentimes ask yourself. When is it going to be my turn to say. Humidity rendered the ashes. I went out to blue river which was affected by the holiday farm fire last year and then just a day and a half beginning on that labor day. The fires ravaged that entire valued at one point. We thought that we here in eugene because the fires just happening east of us we thought the fire could potentially spread an affect our community. We'd have to pack our bags. Labor home behind than worry about our pets. Thankfully that never came to it but we did have like a week and a half of just dance. Heavy smog where everything was easy orange grayish color and the sun. Which is this glowing red or it was very surreal. This kind of the some delays fog is kind of surrounded the entire valley and when the rains finally came and cleared out. The sky could see blue sky again. I almost cried. Because i had never gone so long. Just worried about my health out of my children that of my that's my neighbors and saying the landscape bathed in such a surreal glow and distilling be particulate matter as he moved through aerosol. Dance you could. You felt like you're walking through veil and to this day. I still occasionally have waking nightmares about those gray skies and that bill orange orb in the sky. It was just really unsettling so. Brian painting a picture for us from his perspective. But how are firefighters coping. I caught up with brian after he spent time with cruise in central oregon at the middle fork complex and the firefighters are really at this point on the wildfire calendar dealing with what was called cumulative fatigue Firefighters are trying to stay focused on the task at hand and also take care of themselves. But you know there's just a lot of factors out there that they really have to struggle with. Will you say trying to take care of themselves. What are some things that they are doing to help them get through the day to day grind of battling the fires dealing with the successive heat that the region has seen here lately. It's very difficult to describe. A daily routine of you will for firefighter. I did talk to lauren. Durocher who's the public information officer. Bill for complex of late last week and she was a subscribing to me kind of some of the things that they do to make sure they're firefighters stay in fighting shape..

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