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She also feels that the country is on the brink of becoming Communist. That's how both appear to think, and so I think he sees this is Herman essential threat in his pouring money into it. The his company mountains now the sixth largest poultry company in the country and you write in the piece that there have been some lawsuits accusing that company mount tear, and other poultry companies of colluding with each other in some of their business practices. What are they accused of? Yeah I mean so. I had not realized this, but the chicken business is so concentrated in the hands of a of a few that it. It's really benefited from the kind of weak antitrust. Enforcement that we've had in recent years, and there are allegations in these two major lawsuits one that the top poultry companies including Mount Air have colluded on a regular basis to keep the height. The price chicken high. They fixed the chicken prices according to these allegations now the company denied it, but the cases are ongoing there several cases against them for fixing chicken prices. There's also a big case that was very interesting. That suggests that the same companies. For the most part including mount arrogant have colluded on regular basis to hold down the wages of poultry workers, and again as we discussed earlier in the program, the wages for poultry workers have been falling in comparison with other manufacturing sector workers, and meanwhile the the prices for chicken seemed to be going up and so there serve some some economic mysteries, taking place there in these two lawsuits, which again the companies deny suggests that there's been some fell play so to speak. You began your piece by describing rally at near the Selva Plant in. And I've just imagining that a lot of these workers are really in pretty desperate circumstances. They're facing the you know. The the pandemic low wages. You know that we're actually reduced the one dollar bonus that was taken away, and their union is being attacked. They may lose union representation. I'm just wondering what your sense is of. Their mood their commitment. Are They hopeful? Are they desperate? Determined. What's your sense? Know, it was really eye-opening to me. one woman particularly said to me that in in a strange way she was almost grateful to the pandemic. She said because she said I've been the chief been wanting to speak out for so many years, and she said I want these people exposed. She said to me. It's slavery baby. It's terrible in there, and so the pandemic in a way has shed a spotlight on these people who we call essential workers who are really being ground down at the bottom, and she wanted to speak up, and she wanted her voice heard, and I was really glad to build a tell that story in the New Yorker. You know. It felt like a story that people need to know. Will Jane Mayer thanks so much for speaking with us again. I'm really glad to be with you. Thanks for having me. Jane Mayer is a staff writer for the New Yorker her article in the current issue of the magazine is titled How trump is helping. Tycoons exploit the pandemic. On tomorrow's show, Psychiatrists Christine mantras talks about why there are ten times more people with serious mental illnesses in our jails and prisons than in our state psychiatric hospitals. She'll explain why she says. Incarceration undermines mental health and she'll explore an alternative system of confinement and rehabilitation in Norway. Her book is waiting for an Echo I. Hope you join us..

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