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That he wasn't going to get that kind of rosy trip again, but let's take a listen back to Pete's call of the $1 million grade one Florida Derby. And there are Florida Derby. Excellent beginning for classic causeway from down toward the inside. Simplification was way away in good shape today and he's up to challenge from second. Papa cap gets away in third wider on the first turn as white of barrio and race favorite charger drops in mid flight. He's about four lengths behind that it's own captain racing ahead of Clapton and king of truth. Cajun's magic is third last steal sunshine is second last and 11th and last is strike hard as they chase the Tampa Bay Derby winner classic causeway to the backstroke run. Classic causeway relaxed up front he leads to half the leg. Simplification will not let him get four second three wide popping cap third. We say this has charge at fourth at the rail. He's racing together with the great white of Oreo, a gap of another two to Clapton who's outside of old captain, and it's a length and a half to Cajun's magic. King of truth and steel sunshine race together about ten lengths off the pace and still at the back is strike hard. The opening quarter was 23 and three the half mile was 47 and one half a mile ago in the 2022 kerlin Florida Derby. We have a new leader simplification is powered past classic causeway who backpedals papa kath looms a threat on the outside. What a Mario takes third up to fourth is charging, dropping back his classic causeway then clapped in an oak captain as they run to the top of the stretch up front papa cap doing battle with simplification. Three wide white of Oreo charges getting ready to launch his Vinny's three legs off the lead but gaining ground with a quarter of a mile left to go. Now off the top of the stretch simplification bracing for an oncoming white of orio papa cap is very game between horses and charge it swings into action on the far outside. There's an 8th of a mile to go. White arborio takes over from simplification, charge it with the late say down the center 16th to run white of Oreo almost home. Charge it ships ground light of Oreo still there and white a barrio wins the Florida Derby for sappy Joseph junior from charging in second and simplification third papa cap ran fourth. The time for the race a minute 50 and three. So why do barrio victorious here? His fourth win from just 5 starts for trainer safi Joseph junior and.

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