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I don't think i've ever wanted something so bad that i walked three hours in the cold to get some dank weed or anything at that no it could have been some dank pussy i'm not walking three hours in the cold for nardi vol if it's cold i walk in nowhere you're lucky if i walk to my kitchen in back second of all in the cold yes it better be three hours okay where the fuck did you have to go i know right where's your wieman wieman you know you need a weed man that has equal just say no i didn't get clear on this in a wish i did but i'm curious is this accumulative time or is this three hour trip one way in the three hour trip beck resist three hours total because of his three hours there than fuck hell even three hours total still know but three hours there fuck no hell no this is my thing though offense murky waters six seven seven but maybe just gonna put this out here but maybe if you save some of your money in didn't spend it on the dank weed you could invest in a car that's right i don't know i mean i could be crazy but i think your priorities might be askew the wrong way live at if you walk in anywhere but you're still buying we'd you should probably really stop and rethink what's going on in your life right now like maybe i could get a car driving at the we hey i'm not smoking doing your thing then hey kosovo but prioritize just saying just priority.

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