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Paul Maxwell indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions, then sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more than d dot com slash higher. Hi, it's Mike Gallagher. I'd like to share with you an idea on how you can earn healthy returns. Whether you're investing in retirement or just looking for a consistent income. Check out the Pacific private money fund now Pacific private money has been managing their fun for over five years and throughout that time have delivered consistent returns from anywhere from seven and a half to eight percent. This bay area based company has been making private loans for over ten years closing over fifteen hundred loans totalling half a billion dollars, and this is important with zero losses. The company only lens on real estate mostly residential and primarily in California loans are conservatively underwritten with safety and security features not often found in similar investments. I invite you to call four one five eight eight three twenty one fifty four one five eight eight three twenty one fifty or visit their website at Pacific private money dot com. Pacific private money dot com. Read articles watch videos, listen to the radio show and learn why hundreds of investors have chosen to invest with Pacific. And now I thought from Geico motorcycle if to fifteen minutes to click on the banner ad entitled, you won't believe what these child stars look like now be. Disatisfied and kind of sad about how the child stars look. And now your computer is plagued by incessant pump up ads on this can't be to add insult to injury. You could've used those fifteen click bait minutes to switch your motorcycle insurance to gyco..

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