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Whitey on the moon, and I can't pay my rent the now Whitey on the moon moon. You kidding me? So what does that doing? You know, what it is? You know, what it's doing in their they're racists. That's what the lefties, and they're all white liberals living in Hollywood and multi-million dollar houses having sex with the somebody's twelve year old daughter in the hot tub, like Roman Polanski, you know, that's the real quay lewd rape scandal is, and I don't know why didn't figure this before. Now, you know, Roman Polanski the Hollywood hero director. He did make Chinatown that's a real good movie. Not happens to nosey fellas. That lose their nose next time. I'd take it home to my goldfish Roman Polanski in Chinatown Chinatown. But then he gave quay Likud's to thirteen year old girl and champagne took her into the hot tub and repeatedly literally not didn't like jump her and scare sexually assaulted or raped her repeatedly, and her repeated ways and a myriad ways. And he had to flee the country because he's on the Lam from the law, and when they gave him an Oscar a few years ago, they gave him a standing ovation forgiving quail leads to thirteen year old girl and repeatedly raping her. And then they accuse Judge Kevin now Justice cavenaugh of giving quite leads two girls at red solo Cup parties until you actually have the woman on camera. What did you see him do? Well, I did see him handing out red solo cups at a party. So they've got this Whitey on the moon stuff. And then they have and I was watching the movie at wet by quickly. But I saw LA Raza protests sign, and I said did LaRosa even exist in nineteen sixty-nine when Apollo eleven launched when man I walked on the moon when the uninteresting taciturn unfriendly prickly. Neil Armstrong who has children and wife didn't really like him when they all do that. Larosa was created. I went home and looked it up which maybe they should have done nineteen Seventy-three nineteen Seventy-three four years after and by the way, it means the race which is racist. Imagine a white group called the race. They'd be wearing pointed white hats, and these people are wearing they should be wearing pointed Brown hats. Because they're the real racists in the conversation. Just by the way, President Trump has been on a tear on Twitter this morning. But that did that hurt me. I know you're you're shaking your head at me a little bit lozad electric, the LaRosa thing. And I'm like really they've got LaRosa. They're putting in a plug the Hollywood filmmakers for the race, the racists, it should be called LA Raza. It's. Lorazepam? It's I think I'm going to call it that from now on. The racists. But they've got they've got the lefties in Hollywood they've got LaRosa protesting nineteen sixty-nine. That's what you'd call an anachronism did not exist in that timeframe. Tax is taken.

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