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My question is simple. I agree that what happened the capital last week was not appropriate and accomplishes nothing positive. The question. I keep asking, and no one will give me an answer. What line will need to be cross for it to become a whatever it takes scenario. That's conservative Americans. We've always maintained the reason the Second Amendment is in places to overthrow an oppressive government. But it seems like even though we say that what we really mean is if China is literally invading our shores. That's why we have guns never to overthrow our government. I mean, Dan, So So let me let me work at this going backwards on Thank you for your service, sir. And thank you for writing in Yes, The Second Amendment is a check against an ultimate check against government tyranny. And it is true that for a lot of people, and I'm always reminded of that line attributed to I believe it's Admiral Yemen Moto that you could never invade America because there's a rifle behind every blade of grass, right? You could never made invade successfully. Mainland America. The Japanese as as a interesting, just interesting point of history did just to show they could Invade the 50 50 states and hold territory. I know they bombed Pearl Harbor, Brimmer. They never held Pearl Harbor they actually did, invade and hold US territory in the 50 states. Two islands in the Alaskan. I believe it's off the illusion Island chain ought to island. The Japanese seized it so that they could for really for propaganda purposes, say we are holding US territory. There's some very brutal fighting there. And the Marines had to go and take it back. And then the the Japanese who had invaded made essentially a kamikaze charge and they went for the field hospital specifically of where American wounded were being held. I mean, it was really Really a vicious affair, but yeah to Island. The Japanese did hold U S Territory of World War two for it for a pretty short period of time, but they didn't hold it. As for so, Yeah, China invading our shores. Yes, of course. And if we did have a foreign invasion of the United States, then all of a sudden, I think at that point, even even most of the left wing gun grabbers would be very excited about all their neighbors who have a R 15 In that scenario, I think that even they Ah, lot of them would say this is great. There's um some anecdotes. I think Charlton Heston actually told the anecdote once that People were asking him if they could borrow guns during the Los Angeles riots as bad as those God because I wanted to defend their homes and their in their businesses. So you know, A lot of people are anti gun until all of a sudden there's a massive mob burning down stores and businesses near them, and then they wanted to defend themselves. As for when we would reach that check where the the government I think the answer is, you would know. Meaning. You know it when we're there, you know it because the government has lost all legitimacy and is Engaged in in arbitrary detention of Americans. Perhaps even you know, the the assassination or murder of American citizens without trial by the government and the kinds of escalations that I think you could all think of, and to be very clear. That's not happening now. Okay, so we're not there. We aren't we? We have political means that are that are peaceful to address these problems before us by then I think it's very important. We all right we do. Have political mechanisms to address this, so we all have to do is just take a deep breath members saying before about honor, we must be steadfast in the face. Of even the most vicious political opposition, and that's who we are. And that's what we're gonna do. So, Dan, thank you very much for writing in Matthew. I've written a few times to criticize you and disagree with you. Uh, okay, Matthew. Thanks. However, you've handled yourself remarkably. And I've told the honest truth during this crazy situation of the Capitol building. I still disagree. With a few things you say, But I must give you credit where it is due. You've done a great job and have done an outstanding job of holding true to yourself. Well done and keep up the great work. Well, Matthew, I really, really appreciate you being honest about the fact that I've done I've been honest here and done a good job and Done everything I can to tell people the truth about this, and I'm criticism that's said in good faith. I always appreciate that, too. So by all means, thank you so much for writing in Stay.

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