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China, North Korea, United States discussed on Bloomberg Markets: Middle East


The us mainly jim demint sanctions of course up my trigger retaliatory sparked retaliatory response from china that of course complicates things that's all remember what from his north korea and of course just generally us trade relations so we're not there yet same timer certainly pensions remain on the on the us trade front i mean what what what are the president's here and what would a titfortat look like frazar could be quite significant me the person is that this is a piece of legislation and 74 it's called the 300 warning to us it was quite frequently used mean we had significant trade tensions with japan and the us during the president reagan's ears we had significant tensions between the bill clinton administration on japan during his presidency is well when tariffs were exchanging barbs or exchange and ultimately a kind of a trade resolution was reached so this is a view though as i said you're you're on the p for their certainly there certainly view most companies that there are grounds here for you with push hard so it was illegitimate case we may perhaps dugard it could be trade settlement book if that doesn't happen of course view go into the world of titfortat then china will retaliate commerce minister is already being sworn in warning about the coun retaliated suddenly you could see not just american firms getting hit with the supply chains gonna hit in both economies getting or to rights and really brings to mind what back in the 16th the japanese reverse engineering right they took a product being added a look inside and came out with a good woulda thank you for that occur in their life for us in a story on between the us and china coming up on the program we're talking earnings here he mark signing tall we'll see what's next.

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