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Third straight yeah yeah exactly i gotta give that that actually is a very good explanation for 'em you were a lot of turtlenecks mm i've only more one turtleneck all season what is like it's big and before you were six yeah i want one last one i well okay maybe it's not all that long wise to do that and i'm pretty sure i've seen you would like a headband around her neck yeah so there's just a lot of stuff happening at you're not yeah yeah i like a very a human nick young that voice ready to go yeah he's quick yes a what about the big white block on your helmet in the front that's obnoxious you got you gotta talk to people about that but i guess you could put like a logo of yourself on her something say yeah but then wouldn't be a helmet guy you oh okay well here's you would it be a team guy well let's put it that we have a new logo viewpoint of the first down that way you don't annoy me two birds one stone i'm not annoyed by the white spot on you're helmet and now you're not the point after i'll put a picture of some some they have great your little sausage with his face into hands the cans coming out so so a full body picture of him yeah we might actually have a straight and then you get a visor so then when he looks at you he's like shit i do have to throw to the south of japan's yeah i the neck and liberal pretty ugly deals a visor for sure are you gonna wear visor next year will see quarterbacks can't if you had the mirror visor that'd be settled in that allow that 'cause then can see the quarterback size but it doesn't matter with me now is that it might it might help up and he looked like a robot firm the future playing quarterback wheels hands yeah not looking anywhere we think are nitpicking was fair you you have to have some of the morning last one you know you pointed at least one yeah you do a lot last one you're voice hustlers yeah i mean i've heard about in the whole i let again this is one of those things like we have to find something almost is a joke to to poke fun at a but it's it's a very unique voice i know the coach reid absolutely loves it because you voice because you froggy is that when you might say froggy real quick many voices go to any accidents can mimic my voice like 'perfect really indiana impression of andy reid doing an impression of you then i'll.

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