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Corporation dedicated to combining commerce with conscience and committed to offering remarkably food friendly Pino noir penal greeted Chardonnay a busy one works the essence of work and live from here is produced by American public media glad to be here with you home home in New York City all to my home women strangers to me no I found the strangers to again I say news to sing that song at bluegrass festivals in southern California when I was a kid standing around campfires with a bunch of a bunch of strangers most of them around fifty years older than me and at least seven Budweiser's in all of them exactly who I needed to be hanging out with as a young fundamentalist Christian home schoolers yes best leave more enlightened children than I was to saying mmhm yeah what this perspective Bible thumper needed was something a little bit more like well last Friday night when you but you would need to go thank you where my campfires that Mel the older and busier I get the less I corked interaction with people I don't know the less I hear new ideas the less I have new ideas I heard one recently though at least it was new to me you'll have to eat go tones ego tones it's like this fully wind powered jam band festival where I'm totally kidding you were going to go there you're like oh let's let's check the no eagle tones or where biological communities overlap like Marshall and for instance between forest and desert between salt water and fresh water places they tend to feel you know dank and and messy but but turns out that's where you get the richest biodiversity just the most extraordinary displays of life it's like the New York City Subway all these different people going to all their different places playing all their beautiful different music on their phones so loudly on their phones and you know what my imagination didn't catch fire until I started wondering to the edges of my musical ecosystem with the express purpose of bumping into the musical ecosystems of others one of the reasons I love doing the show my great grandma mole used to wear a T. shirt that said I don't talk to strangers so introduce yourself find a harmony park to come by high five your neighbor at a ball game compose a text with us on this very radio show it's all church that's all the campfire a chance for us to commune with our fellow strangers for but she but I to and all we we call to the thank you so much ladies and gentlemen the fate what did what's your what New Jersey Philadelphia please always use but up next please make welcome Gregory Alan Isakov hi tech show the fates have to vacate the spot where Gregory and company have set up and now I'm announcing set set up like a golf announcer might he eyes the tuner cable going on may third Fred I believe a difficult she that she's wearing them other and she's growing long micron and she's should take a change strong are you sure live from now you danger the bad news and this the moon realize the call mmhm mmhm the the the program you're right now although his youthful Donovan there you are so if you could just right it's almost a Briar rose here's a song of mine that was inspired by a beautiful poem by the late great poet a fellow Scorpio birthday coming up this week and Sexton service call prior rose sure it's beautiful collection called transformations and kind of reimagined classic fairy tales with that her singular dark imagination and this is a my take on that take on the Sleeping Beauty to two three but he's did you everything's you did yeah not even close hi Tom Wilson a perfectly extracted okay all right to our friends K. O. P. B. out there in Portland Oregon what you have Portlanders it was my town for about five years ago my wife Claire was starring in a Portland based TV show called Graham and we both became very fond of it very fond of the coffee scene of course is legendary the folly age is downright Jurassic and I believe it pieces the world in charcuterie plates per capita when I think about music in Portland I always think about the great Elliott Smith god do I never miss that man no I've never met him speaking of strangers and I think a lot of us feel that way about Elliott anytime I'm reluctant to participate in a social gathering where I might get to interact in a meaningful way with someone I admire I think of the song fashion mag then I have home home that's the man's she's name to that's the girl that he takes around town she is compose she showed this I did this call yeah and hi and now she's so you know K. in the and K. it's no no but the law you need really miss you Elliott thank you for everything welcome back you're listening to live from here a rebroadcast shows last November at the town hall in New York City I don't know a little more troubling correspondent comedian Tom Papa in a segment we call each I'm never gonna thank you Chris on behalf of life from here I continue my journey across the country shining a light on all the good people in America this week I went to Portland Oregon if you're going to visit this wonderfully weird city hollowing week is the perfect time to go in Portland it's hard to tell what our decorations and what's just Portland I was picked up at the airport by an uber driver who is wearing a welder's mask this is not a costume he said that he refuses to conform to what other people expect him to where we should be free to do whatever you want man he said if a nurse wants to wear a suit and tie or a businessman wants to dress in a tutu with tights they should I agree up to a point but we have uniforms were reason so we know what job everyone is supposed to do if I'm about to have heart surgery I don't want the doctor walking in dressed like the guy from foot locker what if he is the guy from foot locker and this is the day he decided to change careers and just wing it no I don't know what a newer driver supposed to wear but it should probably be something with a little more vision than a welder's mask after arriving slowly but safely I checked into a cool boutique hotel that had pictures of rock stars on.

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