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So yes any who Next up originally chemists wanted quentin tarantino to appear in the movie as himself as the director of blunt man and chronic our. They told my sense which this would not have age to movie very well at all. Harvey weinstein was also set to appear in a cameo lyman with the amount of sexual harassment in this movie. I we've been like you say the aura of weinstein is obviously so i feel like it still would have gone okay seriously so we got the movie that we got but the original plot involved. Jane salam bob trying to save the quick stop ryan. What do you think would would. You have liked that more now like what we got hurry. brody's comic bookstore. Brody secret stash is obviously altered version of james. I'm about secret stash. The reason i bring this up is because the store featured in the film was actually the location in california not new jersey and it closed them into thousands. The only a secret stash left is one in red bent today. How many were were there. Only those two again at maximum. I think there were three. Yeah i think there were two new jersey in one in One in california holding summary of silent boss feelings towards jay were improvised by ben. Affleck on set so silent. Bob's nodding was kevin smith genuine reaction and approve for possible thought tracking bob to bed. That was so good. I know this hapless of a vision. The blood cave was designed by a show from the nineteen sixties. As anyone care to guess what show that is. No no no no no no no oh i forgot to point out that i'm sitting here with my james alibaba. T shirt using my nails zippo by the way i wanted to point that out for the listeners. Nice design elements called for an atomic pile. And all the councils racks were extremely oversized signs. Indicating function of the item op. This one's for leo. Because he is on west wing bench. Allison janney was originally considered to play the none issue. But she she couldn't do it because she was filming the west wing. So carrie fisher was brought in instead. What was how woman's janney known for at this time. Nothing nothing that i remember. Well then we got. The west wing is what exploded. she's carly fischer was an upgrade. All righty the names of the security guards at miramax are all references to comic book characters including gordon. Any guesses who that's based off again then. An-and shaw any guesses who that's based off of I mean i know. I'm gonna. I'm gonna have to use your. Yeah i'm going to have to use u. n. and ryan on this the sebastian in sonoma Members of gas excellent. that's excellent. Yeah okay this abashov kevin bacon character in first-class gajah dov. Yes stupid. me at bring there and eakins yes. Unfamiliar famiglia. He was the gotham city. Commissioner before commissioner got one of the gaza city commissioners before commissioner gordon within year. One with the commissioner told her no i that up pro kevin just pulling out his like fan boy cock and he's like heating fan boy fan. Boy you wanna you wanna comic book cock use. The men dingo and you would think you would have done marvel because i think this is fresh off of his Daredevil daredevil run yeah daredevil little mother you watch yes. I had never noticed it before until i watched it this time around. You would mean either. I literally like we've seen this movie so many times. I heard i've never seen this daredevil versus the hand by outside the last couple of more. The cash suits the ju- the castle where during the heist inspired by the outfits worn by black widow in black cat in their respective marvel comic books. I mentioned the film originally received an nc seventeen. Numerous had to be. Cut down including footage of george carlin and jane sal and bob arrive at a hollywood so i wonder what that scene included ryan do you know. Actually there was no Addition really to george carlin's seen so i don't even know what that was about. But now i'm interested number seventeen. Jennifer schwab attack is kevin misfield life. Wife her film debut she also is in clerks to let me briefly in Yeah da so number. Nineteen last david company originally called kevin smith and told him that he wanted the role of cock knocker smith gave him the role but unfortunately when it was time to start shooting the company was already filming evolution and then they brought in mark hamill. What the hell is evolution on you. You don't you don't wanna see that it's a really bad two thousand one movie And finally number twenty. Charlie sheen was reportedly offered the role of marshall will and holly but he kinda wanted to see that but he turned it down because he couldn't couldn't get a grasp on the character. Okay with by motivation ryan. Do you have any facts. That i missed your A couple so in the one thing that we talked about earlier where the with the monkey outdoors in the back. There's like a truck. The truck was there because just in case it rained that day. They can shoot inside that truck interesting Ming china complement fame. Made putin poop poop Part of carey's contract was no layer references while working with our or in general because there was no at on And use was nervous about the kissing scene but when he goes for the boob and generals is is her is our that is for real interesting. I mean if you're if you got a chance over ten and elizabeth back then and you're read plunder man said already so that wraps up this very episode and i know ryan's very happy or chasing next year right what's chasing amy's anniversary Twenty-five think so. Yeah if i remember. Correct now that i'm done. That's that's that's his best movie. So i i you know me. I am definitely down to do all of that All right so that wraps up this week's episode. I had a great time discussing this. And we don't have anything to discuss next week when it comes to marvel so we are going to celebrate star wars day by looking at the best and worst characters in the star. Wars universe that includes. Tv that includes movies. You could even include animate animated shows. Good i don't wanna see kyle right on any worthless because you will hear my mouth. How many be doing ten and ten ten ten. I think for this'll be. I think the world is so big we get ten and ten and a nice kylo can sneak into top worst ten. Oh then we will have a good debate about that. I i was. I was discussing. This is something we can discuss for. We can continue to discussion Next week but it's a good teaser. Friend of the show. Jc posted a poll about like who had the worst arc. are the better arc can skywalker or ray and obviously people are gonna vote..

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