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And they feel that the passage of time to move on more slowly with all the consequences that they then have simple of erotic responses or leave the room war get fidgety or get angry and you have been all these other things like aggression which come together with impulsive and what up oil them the relationship between feeling boredom and ones sense of time yes a boredom of course is maybe actually the party matic example of how subject to feelings and subject of time are related because what is happening in boredom is your very much related to your self and your body lee self you're not distracted by entertaining activities again it's a waiting situation may be and you don't know what to do you cannot do anything exciting and then you focused on your self your bodily self or so you suddenly get more aware of yourself and then time stretches and this is i think a key to the understanding of how time is generating subject of time is that may be subject of time is generated through the body itself and also of course led through the brain areas that are related to the budget itself and this is one of his actually my idea and the idea of other scientists that fruit insular cortex activity that a certain brayden region the insular very nice name because m means island of the brain which is responsible for integrating all the bodily signals because of insular cortex functioning we sense ourself if we feeding hot or cold if affiliate xiv if you're feeding thirsty hungry or have pain bend the insular is very active because it gets all the information from the body but then also we have shown in our studies that the insular cortex is also related to subjective tie when people have to judge duration of many seconds intervals also insular cortex activity can be seen that means that through insular cortex activity meaning fru.

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