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Why did it gets work in as it because the they're so it's just such a great location for business is that why it works i don't know that's i guess it's a little bit of a mystery we are in a an area downtown whether say by the courthouse there's a lot of people were hanging around there that you know come get their lunches or snacks and things like that and the people that you know we don't have the best parking and reno it's not you know it's not anywhere the site you know like the bay area and easy breezy compared to that but for reno people there you know used to like big parking off right to pull right up and and so that i think that has heard some people from us but it's also like as you know more people come in move into the area it's going to get you know more and more congested and having access only fishy store now i think it definitely has filled in a little food desert down this only grocery store besides you know the corner mini marts and stuff that have chips and things like that for miles for miles while yeah there's i now that i'm thinking about it i think there's there is a little store that opened kind of corner stores dial are about maybe six bucks away now that has opened since we've opened and then there's the main grocery store of the closest probably two miles maybe mile and a half have to look it up are there more people living downtown now too i think it's it's changing but some like they converted a lot of the casinos into condos and things like that okay hanging but i think it's still a lot of people that live downtown immediate income is pretty low in a lot of elder people as well.

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