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I guess there's some serious stuff being linked to a too much caffeine slash energy drinks. So the the new study is stroke and seizure and it's not just caffeine. I don't wanna pick on caffeine because in a smaller energy drink. There's about seeing this caffeine has a Cup of coffee, but it's combining with the sugar. Imagine this imagine taking your Cup of coffee and putting about fourteen teaspoons of sugar in that. You would never do it. Right. So and then we combine that with a couple of amino acids that the isolate and then some other chemicals and herbs, and then it's a cocktail that increase your heart rate. And actually we shown the constrict your blood vessels. Which is the big scary part is so I'm not alarmist. And I always feel like these things are for people who have pre existing conditions or they're just going way overboard, and slamming, you know, five red balls, but I guess there's some evidence that just one energy drink could possibly trigger arrhythmia, right? Yeah. I'm I'm with you on the moderation in in most things in life. And I think we're all going to be fine. Right. But this particular thing because of the the the combination of things in that did show with even with young people one drink really can do something to your heart. That would you said in a written years, which is an abnormal rhythm. And that constriction of your your arteries is concerned, especially back constriction happens in your brain. Now. This is something that people would feel with their hearts are racing or they may not even feel it, and then wouldn't seek help you may or may not feel this this arrhythmia it can be mild to where you can't feel it and you're not going to seek help because it's a it's a short term thing. But if you go on and use over and over again, then you've got a real problem. So I think it's if we look at it most people a couple of cups coffee in the morning, not bad for you. There's some evidence that one or two cups of coffee is actually has some health benefits. Know, we're drinking four or five cups of coffee in the morning. And then we pound these things in the afternoon in the evening. I worry about early morning people you guys get up early every day. Probably don't go to bed at a at a normal hour because it's hard to do that. I would think now is wondering if people who may have a Cup of coffee in the morning before they go workout first thing you combine the caffeine with exercise and raising your heart rate. Yeah. But but there's really no evidence that one Cup of coffee, even before your workout can really doing damage to you. So I think he's with with coffee. It's moderation with the energy drinks. I think it needs it should be elimination. And I've seen some studies in the past that said that younger people are more prone to problems does that make sense to you. This study did look at eighteen and under and it had it had a negative effect even on young people. So I think I think we need to focus not just on the on the older folks with heart conditions. I think these energy drinks in particular because of the cocktail that it is. And speaking of cocktail, sometimes they're people combined these with alcohol evening, right? I'm gonna I'm sure you've heard of that. I've seen it done a lot. Yeah. Even more evidence that when we combine it with alcohol now, we got an extra cocktail. It's it's even more Rick. So I'd say so so I was going to I guess you answer my next question. Do you would you say just to avoid these things altogether? I would. Yeah. This is one that like I said earlier, I'm with you in moderation host things, but in this particular avenue, I think we've got to eliminate these things because I don't I don't think. I'm not a fan. That's probably the only one I tasted that was enough for me. Yeah. Me too. And then there's there's over sixty these on the market today, which is hard to believe, it's huge business. I know and I saw there's a huge rise in the diagnoses of irregular heartbeats. I gotta be somehow related Dr David Barschak. Hey, dr. Thanks, good stuff. My pleasure. Have great day. Eight twenty two on eight ten one three one WGN, traffic

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