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Thought tomorrow. Thoughts jail wanted. You gonna have an after some back and forth and making some calls and more discussion. The officers wonder if this is more a mental health break than anything so they go talk to gaby one more time. She's on the phone in the car with one of her family members when they do very very how. Us question is going to determine what happens fixed. The only person who can answer this bush. Is you think very hard before you ask the question. Do not quickly answer. Think very hard when you opt those times where you attempting to cause him. Physical pain or physical impairment. Was that what you were attempting. What were you. What were you attempting to do. What was the reason for slapping and what was attempting to accomplish by sloppy interest off sports. The officers go off and have a little sidebar where they seemed to be having a discussion about who's gonna take who and then something is said that echoes in my mind. This making us having that guy. If you're it's six one half dozen skipped a headache. Another obsolete did not charge the suffering. Tonight they find themselves together again separate if they find themselves together. What is it to you. That's what he said it stays with me now. He goes on to explain this a little bit more and from the way one officer is talking to the other. It sounds like he's training him like this other guy might be new on the job and he's not saying like fm. It doesn't matter. He says you have to abide by the law. You can't give them a warning like hey you know if you call one more time. Someone's going to jail because then if they need police and they don't call something worse could happen so he's basically leading the officer know how to think of it that if you don't do anything if no charges are filed you have to be okay letting them go and the rest is on them. Are you okay with that. And the officer was ultimately he wrote in his report that this was a mental health break. The couple separated for the night. Brian went to a hotel and gabby took the van. Now gaby's dads said he can't bring himself to watch the whole thing and he said it doesn't matter anyways because that happened days a week before she actually went missing so he said he needs to stay focused on finding her right now but i think the family wasn't as shocked by the release of this footage as we in the public might have been because they already knew about it in the body cam footage again gabby asked for her phone to call her family. She's on the phone with them when they come back to. The car at one point to her family knew that they had trouble and her dad made a statement to fox news that he was told not to talk about his quote previous relationship with brian. Which to me doesn't imply that they had a good one and ryan might not have had a good relationship with anyone gabby life. Because a friend of gobs dame rose came forward and told the daily mail quote. He's got these jealousy issues and he struggles from what gabby called these episodes where he would hear things and hear voices and wouldn't sleep. Gave me had to stay at my house. A bunch of times because she just needed a breather and didn't want to go home to him. When i saw that. Brian was back from the trip. That was the first thing that popped into my mind that brian had one of his episodes and i was just hoping he didn't have a snapping moment and quote so we all thought that this is where we would wait for a while intently looking at brian and his family to say something and tell police where to start looking but we just learned. That police can't pressed brian anymore because no one knows where he is. This episode was made possible by hellofresh. Hellofresh cuts out stressful meal planning and grocery store trips with less. 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We've been trying all week to talk to his family to talk to brian and now they've called us here on friday. We've gone to the home and they're saying now they have not seen sun end quote. According to the family. He'd been missing since tuesday tuesday and telling police on friday but according to reporting by abc seven gabby family says no. There is a difference ryan as it missing. Our daughter is the one who's missing and they think he knows something they think. Brian is hiding which to them is very different than missing. So police organized a search. That is happening literally right now as i am recording this episode to scour more than twenty four thousand acres according to abc seven. I witness news team. Police think he went to an area known as the carlton reserves sometime early this week but at this point they don't know any more and at the same time. According to newsweek the fbi has extended its search through grantee. National park into wyoming. Now apparently where they're searching for. Brian came from. I believe sent dogs so when they went to his house they actually pulled out bags of clothes to use a search for him. So i'm thinking that that is what led them to this particular area that they're searching rather than information from his family. Because i mean again. We know the his family hasn't cooperated so i doubt that they're saying anything more if they know it and if they are saying where to look i would almost discount anything they said. Because they're not cooperating and at this point if things weren't twisty enough have you guys seen tick-tock. There was a video that blew up of this girl who said that she and her boyfriend picked up. Brian hitchhiking on august. Twenty ninth in granting. Here's the audio from user at miranda baker underscore..

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