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Flying coach which was on spotify ladies and gentlemen p traeger sucks right. What's up guys. I love being on with you. I was up late last night watching that one crazy ending. And of course you wake up to the tony stuff but giants fan stealing really bad right now because that game was lost on the stuff that joe judge breaches discipline penalize accountability pat. You know special. Teams dexter lawrence blocking a field goal. What are we doing. Why would he even be offsides if he ever blocking that field go. Why is he jumping off sides and yet your special teams coach. Joe judge you almost like. Hey that's the one one facet of the game which we pretty dialed in and pretty pretty locked and they're not gonna block kick if you're not getting off on the ball. I know that that's what he was trying to do. Obviously let's dive in a little bit. There saw the golladay stuff. Then tony stuff came out. Is this all obviously getting cooked up. Because they're losing game still or is there actual need to worry if you're a giants fan which there is actually one in this office is there is there need to worry like. Is this a potential maker. Break year for everybody over there or are they still taking your time. You think from what you're hearing. Peter what scares you. Pat is that they you know. Finally get this game day of jones who was outstanding last night and finally get the jason garrett game plan that place to jones's abilities where he's doing the rpo and it's working in you still lose you lose on things like having a false start out of time out or you lose on things like going off sides on a field goal or you lose on things like the slate drop. It was mistakes that were sloppy. That's what kills you in there. But to teddy bridgewater and taylor heineke is better quarterback center coming ahead. This is the fifth year in a row. They started oh into that goes back to mcadoo it goes to shurmur and now goes to the second straight year of joe. Judge is there. Is there a hot. No but when you when four different veterans retire in the off season. Because i don't like the way things are kind of going for the veterans and then you go into and you have two different players and one of them screaming on the sidelines. The other one on instagram. To start the day and then of course you have a bunch of people pointing fingers in the new york media market. It's not a great way to start things. It's certainly not a an optimistic. Feeling right here in new york. Where i'm at right now. What about washington and through with heineke there and the game he played i know afterwards. He said he feels like he deserved to start the rest of the season. What do you think What does the future look like for heineke. Not only this season but even after that maybe yeah awesome game and aj like the fact that he spoke that way. I think he's pretty confident. But i also like the way scott. Turner called that game. It wasn't let's protect taylor heineke and win with defense special teams. It was like let taylor cook. And he was throwing the ball all over the field and kind of loosey-goosey with through the picture bradberry. But like i was like that look. Let's throw the rocks. So he says i want to be the starter. I wouldn't be shocked if he wins. A couple of games know fitzpatrick justice. Fitzpatrick is back in eight weeks. And it's hey if you need me. I'm here but if taylor's cook and let's keep rolling with what's all right. Let's bounce around the nfl. A little bit. Here is darius smith just one on. I r odell beckham. junior is out for this week. Is there any need to worry about. Odell beckham junior and we'll start with the daria smith. Was this expected darius one you were hoping to see him back just not ready to go Between him and box yari in a couple of other injuries to starting players on the offensive line. Rookies without lindsey out there without bachtiar. I this you know. Here's the thing. And i know you guys have rogers on every tuesday and i watched the interview and i know everywhere that's been said is like we're not panicking stop relaxed..

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