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The two seventies for the jackknife tractor trailer accident that occurred about two hours ago. Single file right getting by the delay stretching back almost to Coolsville Road, the inner loop of the Beltway slowing at River Road. Because if you're trying to get up onto the north bound to 70 spur, you're gonna find only a single file left lane getting by there's activity along the right side. It's been sitting there for quite some time. We thought maybe there'd been some debris that had fallen from the Beltway above staying left north bound on the 2 70 spur at the Beltway. Just a left on the spur itself. Now we've had two accidents toward Baltimore running north on the B W Parkway after I won 95 reports Now that all traveling Zehr open south pounds getting slower. You're 1 75. We've got major slowdowns and you try to run in the district, though. Watch out on D C to 95 1st. South bound near East Capitol Street, where the one broken down two vehicles. Two vehicles overturned north on D. C to 95 of near Pennsylvania Avenue. Stay left Inbounds Suitland Parkway after stand road. The accident activity has the left lane getting by your under direction Northwest on North Capitol Street up near Hawaii Avenue and Alison Streets, North bound Hawaii Avenue had been blocked again under direction. Now in that delay in Bethesda topside out of the word of a crash after Connecticut avenues to do be careful you're gonna find in Virginia. We've got trouble out of Gainesville on 29 north bound. We have to go east on 66 34 vehicles were involved in a crash or zigzagging through. Hopefully, police are on scene in that now giving direction gallows road, it would burn road in Annandale. Flashing traffic signals. I think no one is on scene yet. So please treat that as a four way stop if it all possible early. There's traffic aboard sponsored by Burke and Herbert Bank, where your business means everything. It's better at Burke and Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 Jack Taylor w T o p traffic, Mike Senator with our forecast right now, coming through the region, we still have some light rain associated with that front. That'll end by 9 A.m. later today, turning sunny and breezy. Hi this morning in the middle of our fifties and temperatures will fall by late morning.

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