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To cheer about and they've quickly dispatch the John B. line experience that's one of those ill fated ride did dead tired your local amusement park didn't last very long was very popular made fans want to throw up so John peel I'm now working in the front office and JB Bickerstaff takes over ten Alcorn is the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers and well that is all the time and it's not just for sports but it's always appropriate seems like life comes at you fast four straight NBA finals lebron was there and then he wasn't and now it's just a bunch of big contracts that they get well not a bunch but several big contracts that they gave to veteran players because lebron wanted to add he bolts which is his right he both the now all their left there left to pick up the pieces if they take some time because the content changes they've gone through well it's not attractive to free agents and if your a high profile free agent I suppose you could pull one of those Hey let's go play Cleveland big you know me and my BFF we'll go play in Cleveland but it's also tough if you're not thrilled with who they've hired as head coach or how the team is run Cleveland Cavaliers New York Knicks in a very similar position they were helpful high profile free agents right now it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio not impossible of course to rebuild through the draft but you need some veteran free agents to go along with I'm not even sure where they start it I mean they've got a couple of young guys they really like but the coaching hire would John B. lot as much as I like to to work I would have liked it to work I mean it you can't swing and miss like that and not have it set your franchise back big time it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio if you are the Brooklyn nets you were there not that long ago and now you've managed to lore Kevin Durant Kylie Irving but Kyrenia shut down for the rest of the year I don't know if I want to call this a throwaway see then but this was not the year that the nets were thinking they make a major jump I I they were hoping that chi re can get established in that he could get comfortable with our other players the coaching staff the system and certainly build up some physical resistance but that doesn't happen knee injuries that was shoulder surgery twenty games is all he will play this season ends course they they want to be healthy for when he is paired with Kevin Durant's but does that make a difference does he stay.

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