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Traffic and weather station Dragging Instrumental Lewis Kathy Lee And by, the way We'll get Talked to Mike. Lynch Broncos. NFL insider Pull that down a little bit dragon I'm yelling just to. Get over the music that. Thank you Like the song, though Mike. Cliffs brought to? You, by Colorado ones for responsible energy development. Learn the facts at cred dot. Org. What's going on Mike we finally got some football tomorrow night Yeah? How, about that you got ninety names memorized Work on that tonight Mike He. Actually All right Yeah that's the thing about these. Preseason games when you're calling, the game you've got all of these guys that most of them you'll never see again or talk, about again. You know so it makes. It challenging Yeah when I cover the team, I'll be. Honest a lot of guys I do kinda wait till that final cuts before I really get to know. In get in. That locker room when they opened up the locker room that's different ballgame then when they're walking off the field. And, you, know there's thirty of us, media guys waiting for for somebody so But the process really starts in earnest tomorrow I'm I'm. Excited to see. The three quarterback matchups tell me what you're excited about an I'll tell you what I'm what I'm looking forward. To So the quarterbacks I got a couple of threes three quarterback matchups which is case and cousins Paxton and Trevor three third year in a row that they go at each other and then you know the Kelly and and slaughter who is the Darlene of last year and then so three quarterback match ups and then three rookies, that I wanna see job Sutton who's been lighten it up and training camp and Royce Freeman the number. Three, pick who I think is the one, running back who's, got a chance to separate himself I I really think it's Booker, and Freeman as you know that's, that's, going, to be the top two running backs this year and then you. Got the Angelo, Philip Lindsay and Williams competing for, that for that, third and final roster spot May not be the final but that's kind of how I look and I wanna see Freeman when. They against tacklers seeing if he can break a couple yeah I'm looking forward to Chubb as well but we're not going to see him much it looks like maybe a couple of series if assuming they don't put them in with the twos. After they pull the one so I doubt you'll get much from Chubb tomorrow I'm looking forward to the. Running, backs as well I'm really intrigued with, that running back, room a lot of talent and a lot of youth there and. Freeman Lindsey the Angelo Henderson last, year, was, the guy and then he never played the rest of the year Fumbled and then when he fumbled he wasn't, a guy anymore and I think he fumbled in back to back, games, and you know he went back to the, end of your right to the end of the bench Uh Didn't see. Him he had, the He had one, carry which was on a fake punt if you remember, at buffalo and. It didn't work And and. That was it until Kansas City and. He looked pretty good in the fourth quarter against the chiefs eighteen but I think the is pretty good I'm not quite sure. What he's missing in the eyes of the coaches seems like. This, is the second. Year in a row they're not playing them as much as we see him play well it's, not equating so we'll see if that, changes in the preseason cornerback position to, is going to be interesting won't get. A whole lot. Of playtime but you're going to hopefully see Brock, you think he's gonna play tomorrow night he's been practicing Think wolf play are, that that hamstrings to if he just, is coming back and then he didn't. Practice again yesterday So, he came back for one practice and, then didn't practice again yesterday so that things still probably. Pretty tender so yeah you're going. To see yada in Langley, get a lotta. Get a lotta cornerback reps out there Marcus real has also been hurt they needed him to play They're to be Senate that position come you know against. The Simeon and and slaughter wonder. Wondering how much Trevor Scott After last year you know I had heard that t- still got some o- some some habits he needs to break from last year lost. A little confidence last at the end, of last, year and and they're trying to. Rebuild him back up in Minnesota But he's always played well, in the preseason to the point that he's one jobs and so we'll see how that number two d does against them Heard the same thing that, he's had some struggles in camp starting off, here with the Minnesota Vikings but I think he's going to have some incentive to, come back tomorrow night Denise as learning a lot from from cousins He's learning a lot. From cousins which is also kind of telling a little bit but he didn't, have anybody that could teach him anything here That's right, he was. He had the, first, year with Peyton and he had a, great teacher the first year with Peyton, and Brock Osweiler they're both very very good and, and then yeah last year you have Brock little bit but Trevor was ahead of Brock, so Dan that's one thing Trevor somewhere, along the line has to, learn I think is you know kind of impose his personality and imposes leadership a little more than he did is two, years as as a starter here how long? Will, the starters play tomorrow night, Mike Well he's a Vance's saying maximum of, two series I think it's going to be. Like this if they go three and out and their first two series I think they're going. To get a third if they go twelve. Plays. And score touchdown on their first series I think they're only, gonna play one so it's, it's really kinda moron on plays I think they wanted to get at least twelve somewhere in the twelve to eighteen range. Tomorrow see mental Watson's not gonna play tomorrow? Night No he's going. To be a Vance ruled him out yesterday He strained a, pack it doesn't look like it's you know sometimes those muscles you, worry they and the next thing you know. Their season ending but that doesn't seem to be the. Case he was out there working on the side already yesterday so I would think he's, got a chance to be, back next week against the. Bears, probably, on a limited basis maybe a little after that so Mcgovern's at right guard anyway you know even with him getting hurt mental like, watching McGovern had held them, off at right guard for. Starter We're out of time here, Mike you we could do this on night we'll do it tonight And we only got through about. Four positions we got Yeah looking forward to. Senior tomorrow. Night at..

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