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Into the summer when the team was already done a lot of their business. It's not not make more sense to you. I think when you feel you can strike you. Strike anna carolina. Hurricanes have struck anything else before we wrap up this quickly. Edition of thirty still thirty-one thoughts the podcast soon to be thirty to thirty two. You know i'm really curious to see where all this cycle stuff is going to go up you know. I was very surprised to hear the news that he was switching agents. Everything that happened in the last couple of months from michael side he knew everything about it like he approved it. You know. he's the one who really wants to do this surgery and he was the one who wanted to release the statements when they were released. I don't think that his previous agents. Peter fish and he donatelli did anything differently than he wanted but from what i understand he just decided that maybe a new approach was necessary. And you know we'll see where it goes but like i said like those previous agents. They fought thought everything that that michael wanted. they did. yeah and they fought for him. Sometimes maybe you just need the velvet glove instead of the hammer. The one entity that i think of through all of this now more so than ever before as always in my head positioned it as tea. Michael versus team buffalo sabres. The one group. That i wonder about here is an. I don't even know if they can do anything about it. But i can't help thinking that if i am the nhl. I'm looking at this cycle. Saga has dragged itself out through the season into the off season It flares up every now and then there's been no resolution. There's been no surgery and now there's not going to be a jack michael to start the season if i'm the nhl. I'm just waltz. It's funny you mentioned that jeff. Because i was going to add that i found out i was working on this and now we might as well do it because you brought this up. There was a meeting in buffalo. I might have my days off. Because i was up at the cottage. I think it was wednesday. This eighteenth there was a big meeting in buffalo league was there. The players association was there. I go was there. His reps were there. That was still when he was with peter fish and the sabres were obviously there. I'm not sure if the sabers were. The doctors were there in person or via zoom. I don't know that one hundred percent. But i think everybody put their cards on the table and i think the players association wanted to hear it everything firsthand and i think the league wanted to hear everything firsthand and basically what i heard was there was no resolution. Everybody laid everything out. And i think they're still the sabers position hadn't changed as a matter of fact like i heard that everybody was still pretty dug in and we're still waiting to see where this is going to go. And maybe that's one of the reasons to that eichel made the change. Maybe like a steady needed the try. The velvet glove instead of the hammer will see by one of the reasons. I hadn't reported yet until you just dragged it out of me like under the form of torture is that i was trying to find out what the resolution was and as far as i understand there hasn't been a resolution like nothing changed. The sabers stayed in their position. Aigle stayed in his position and the league in the players association supported the player and the league's supported the organization in the cba. So i don't know that anything changed and it's been twelve days since that meeting almost eleven days. That's a whopper. We'll see where this one goes and we'll see where the offer sheet goes. And i suspect that before it changes to thirty two thoughts considering the nature of this. Guess berry kenya me. Offer sheet and the nature of. What's happening with jack eichel elliot. I don't want to say that. We're back to in fulltime podcasts yet. Because we're not. But i don't think this is the last thirty one thoughts the podcast that you'll hear before it turns into thirty two. Thanks again for doing this under adverse conditions and it's great.

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