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I it is it is it it's a profound release to be abused. In a context. That's entertaining. Is it not? Thank you. You get it. I do you know, you know, it's it's difficult mccarter. It's difficult. You're a great writer. I've never been a great writer. My thing was improving, and my thing was, you know, just going full. But the thing is weird. Is that you, you know, I've been I've, you know, in in a moment because I'm a club comic by nature of not some off guy came up, you know, in crowd work with something I needed to know how to do. And I can do it. Right. And I, you know, it's like it's a little Etta character for who. I am really. But it's reflex. And I do it and there've been moments where I'll do it and I'll realize like the whole. Hooters? I started. That was a little much. But you know, and then like right after I do it after I get like that was crazy what just happening all policies. Well, kind of I'll try to be diplomatic on stage. But, but ultimately what my grandmother used to go. She used to like to go see. You know, she'd say like I 'cause I love Betty, but he acted when I was young and she would say go him in Vegas, but he's very filthy or you ever see him now. Oh, unbelievable. And she would go, see Rickles. And but she remember she said this to me, and my grandma Goldie, she goes, you know, after the show he pouches. Very nice. Yeah. It does a song. I'm nice guy to me like he like after the show. He would you know, actually apologize. But every show was exactly the same. Alan king and Vegas who I don't like that much. I didn't like that much. I respect that. But like it was like you sleepwalking. Yup. And it was it was this pointing to me. So this new show. Yes. How many do you do ten twelve doing thirteen and we just got the back nine yesterday doing a full season? And it's we're really having a ball. I'm loving it. You know like you. It's part of an insufferable. Yeah. And Terron killin for Messa knows the lead. And he's terrific. And late miester is brilliant from gossip girl. It's really a good show. And it's about single parents. And and a group of people that are kind of thrown together, socially, not that they would ever hang out with each other right because their kids do right? And I've been a single parent for a long time. And you find yourself in these, you know, niches at you're like, I don't know if I could go to that birthday party added, Tom again, you know, and you. About you never thought you which is why you're live in grand wonderfully. Don't have to worry about that idea. More people say that to be used to. Yeah. It was at the vet yesterday with fucking cat. Right next to me talking to me about you, like a writer, she's Filipino woman older woman. And she goes, you got children, and I go, I don't go for you. It's true, very difficult. It's very I mean, you know, it's a lot. But the material you relate to. Oh, yeah. Big time. And he's still do voice over work. It was still do some voice over work. And I wanna say as we close here that, you know, once I gave you the note, you know, he stayed on the Mike and I appreciate up salute. You know, you're never too toll to learn. What I tell everyone and really an honor to be a man just happy for you. That's getting me. Thanks, man. Hasn't been easy to get on the show. Is that true? Oh, it never said. Noti is diff-. No. I don't want to get into it..

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