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The nonprofit posttraumatic stress disorder program with the veterans home of california vilc is cbs reporter tim rhyme yountville mayor john dunbar is also on the pathway home board of directors he knew the women killed he knew the killer loss three beautiful people yesterday we also lost one of our heroes who clearly had dealings resulted in the terrible tragedy we all experienced here the mayor said that pathway executive director christine loh bor among those killed by an army veteran experiencing ptsd was so committed to her job the cheat sometimes slept in her office nothing officially out on a possible motive for the killings president trump is trying to boost the chances for a republican is running in what has been a safe pennsylvania district the poll suggests rick sicom is in a tight race with democrat connerly i am so mr trump is campaigning forum congressman ben ray lou hani's chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee by the very nature that this district is as close as it is should worry republicans and especially my counterpart at the nrc she they should be very worried at what's happening out there in this congressional district democrats trying to capitalize on what they say is your wave of anti trump sentiment ahead of tuesday's special election president trump has a trip planned cbs news correspondent burnett says he'll be attending the summit of the americas next month in lima peru this will be president trump's very first visit to latin america he will head down to peru for the summit of the americas and then on to colombia leaving the presidents of both nations the white house says that the focus will be fair and reciprocal trade agreements whose terrace on steel and and aluminum imports are also expected to be a topic associated press is one of the president trump has told confidants he wants to rely less on his white house staff because he believes aides often give him bad advice and that he plans to follow his own instincts from now on the trump tweets that he's unhappy with the media's coverage of his plans to meet with north korea's leader soon the.

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