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I think we need a lot fewer kids in college to be honest with you. I mean the. There's a in my generation of a lot of my friends didn't go to university at all and then I. Did you know hooker crooked eventually. You know what I mean but I started. I went to college for a year. I was expensive and I and I you know how to work to pay for it and then I went off and I worked In the oilfield you know to earn money so I don't think there's anything wrong with that that I think you learn a whole bunch. I I learned a whole lot more from life certainly than I ever did from college and and I think there's there's plenty things that people can do with alcohol. I think if you can afford it and it's you know I I I can tell you. I'm really happy. None of my kids I went to Nyu and studied art history. I can tell you that I that I wouldn't have paid for it because I don't know I don't know how they're gonNa make a living doing that. But yeah there are there are there are a lot of these wacky majors for sure that I hear about Let me ask you let me ask you about your book here. Stem cell therapy here rising tide. What was the genesis of the book? The book about all right guys many of you have hit me up saying that you would like to start your own podcast than I am telling you right now. Anchor is the easiest way to get this done number one. It's free. I have never paid a dime to publish any of my podcasts. And their creation tools. Allow you to record and edit right from your phone or your computer anchored those all the distribution as well so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more also you can make money with.

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