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Canada, The House, Colin Kaepernick discussed on Radio From Hell


A gray sees now we had one of canada's our number one junior trump is pretty dim more donny you're out of your element donald trump juniors i guess halloween lesson for his young daughter going completely awry what what it is is he thought he he thought he's been a funny now a funny conservative yeah know but he wasn't he was being an idiot then there was boehner candidate number two young shrunk is holding down the bowl 19yearold kid his mother amberish monk said he'd get up there on the roof of the car hold them at plaza the pool while we move it to the house she thought to be okay and boehner canada number three all right here we go with the the and acceptable or unacceptable i should say i think i've put i did i wrote in acceptable well that's unacceptable it is i meant all acceptable how could i have done that oh no i didn't i wrote inappropriate icu i am inappropriate halloween costumes the colin kaepernick with a gun to his head cost you uh let's see wendy wanna great she's gift card and the winner is a very i was a nip and tuck between one and two new and the winner ends up being boater candidate number one junior trump is pretty diem he ah responses to that tweets were all over the place on twitter yesterday was hilarious watching it go in flames it was wonderful that is the winner of round one that candidate now goes forward to boehner fights it's it has a fiftyfifty chance of becoming boehner of the day now it will have to defeat the winner of round two round to happens at eight twenty boehner fight at nine twenty five now we're going to do a hello yell and to a random person that participate in hello yeah what and it's easy to do on a.

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