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And dr peter does that is from echo health alliance. He is a very well recognized conservation. Biologists he leads key committees the national academies of science and medicine. He's had very highly cited papers. Three hundred different scientific papers. He's worked with The this is what's really interesting about this. He signed a thing in a paper record. Kind of a position paper with twenty seven other scientists back in february saying that all these conspiracy theories about kobe. Nineteen are crazy that the origin is not conspiratorial. It's not anything crazy. Looks like it came from a bat to person transmission. Us right to now. And they're conspiracy interests in their funders. They obtained records and emails from university of maryland. Communicating with dad's zak with one of the faculty at maryland and And they found out that dad sec. You're not gonna believe this. He got money from nih to study. Viruses that bastard. You can't believe a word. He says because his research was funded by the nih. And what's and this is. What's so funny about this. He they that they found out that he received an h..

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