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Valley vinnie that you know obviously has got speed and coming off the race at hawthorn. I i think you got really lean on ravelli that gets us to the nightcap and the last thoroughbred race of the meat and the last of the pick five pick four and the straight fire six mile seventy yards three in upstate. breads non winners of three lifetime. You made cash logistics the seven five favorite. Yeah i think I think he goes off. As the favorite out ran a churchill downs and a three year old allowance optional claiming race and beat one horse in there. I thought that was an interesting spot off of a short layoff considering that He still had indiana grand racists the run in and finally get back into it. Indiana grand nine hundred three allowance and Before that lost bridal vcsel beasts last two starts not that great but that was kind of like. He's coming out party before he went onto win another sticks rates after that that race on september the second and before that second strong tie we've talked about strong tied all year long and he's proven to be one of the best Three year old indiana reds. This season During our racing season in indiana grand so to me. It's it's it's it's all about cash logistics You're the other horses that they got i made in the moines line close Second and third choices nutty train now. The train You got aggressive. Went to the league for the first time in his career and and and to change things quite a bit. I've been waiting for ninety trained to win his second career race because early on in the campaign. You look like a horse that was going to be a maybe a factor in these three year olds stakes races for indiana breads and improve out to be that way but That last week was not ban. And they put fernando aboard and may and got a lot a lot more aggressive and he's got a lot more speed than than cash logistics to and that's another little factor there. I can't imagine they're going to do anything. But then in the race and you know Rampage is still in the race. Barrier is a scratch to launch scratches and three in the aids but the barrier was a horse met. Have been sprinting out there and you know getting the pace a little bit faster than it needed to be but Yeah after that. I am i score. One last time out. He was on a sloppy track. It wasn't it was actually a pretty decent time. So i respect them Any has one going around the ground so to me. It's no one of these races where i think favorites are pretty darn strong And those are the contenders. I think and raised ten steve. No i disagree Cash logistics very much nutty trains got that State try where although he was fifth that that was a. That's a race that would you know fit here nicely Rampage in a empire. Score is okay They've got racist. That could compete. But they they'd have to step forward star spangled express Isn't isn't out of the realm of possibility ears at least as an exotic contender but the no doubt you got the you got it right with with cash. Logistics as as the worst debate Well bell should be a really imagined you know if come to the end of the season and everybody you know everybody at the organization that the racetrack Front stretch and backstretch they you know everybody kinda breathes a sigh of relief and this was particularly unusual season and everybody in indiana grand deserves a lot of credit for making it arguably. It's hard to believe the best season yet. at the oval. Yeah you told me that The handle would be the way it has been this year after you know happened to start the to a couple of months later than as than expected with with the covid nineteen pandemic. I would have been very dubious in that assertion. But it's you know like i said i talked to you on tuesday. I thought the moving the tech five later in the car really Perked up handle and perked up interest in our races especially the back half of the card and also when we moved from friday's afternoons and saturday evenings to monday afternoons and thursday afternoons. That-that has also been a big key to the success in getting handle up quite a bit and you know next year. We're going to do pretty much the same thing that that's the plan and get approved by the commission. You never know. There might be a couple of thoroughbreds saturdays next year but That might be around holiday time. And that's just because you wanna get the local people out who you know this year. There's there's there's local people you know we do have fans Limited number of fans in attendance year. We really didn't do any of the the promotions that we wanna do That will go on next year. Hopefully once we get everything under control well bell Look forward to twenty twenty one Best wishes for thanksgiving and the holiday season for you and yours. What do you. What do you do with the end of the season. where do you had. Well you know the last couple years have been the best for me personally. Just because had parents passed away last year with my mom year before that it was I kinda knew during the whole lot. See the my dad. And i needed down on the only son so i needed to kind of be up in chicago. Because that's where i'm from and it's three hours away from indianapolis so you know. Hey anybody out there. that's the needs to track announcer. somebody like that. I'm available so And matter how hard to find on twitter at bill downs one. So there's my solicitation if you will at the very least back At the if we if we don't land something to keep you busy will Will will certainly look forward to talking to the in the spring bill. Downs everybody bill. Downs one winter and for rachel mclaughlin and the for nancy and the entire team Closing day and it should be a good one indiana granville. Thanks so much. You got if thank you bill downs. Let's take a break bottom of the hour. Ninety minutes in we've got a lot to do got asking. We've got to get the tony Nick tamra.

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