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Certainly a team like the Phillies Braves, who were a little more concerned with trying to keep players around for next season seasons. After that they probab-. They didn't want to go over the top to overpay for Manny Machado. And if you're the dodgers you look at Kramer for God's sake. He was a fourteenth round pick just two years ago and all of a sudden he looks like he's an interesting prospect, and if you could do that reliably, then you're able to make trades like this pretty reliably. I'm looking up Zac pop now. So live on the podcast. I can tell you that he's his find whatever he's our lever. So he's a, he's a minor league reliever who's made it too high. He has an era in high of zero point three, three, that's good. But obviously you can just assume it is not supported by the other stuff. And so we've got Kramer we've gotten Valera. We've got d. Who got hop and who's the guy Ryland Bannon the third basement Ryland spell that Ryland our way l. a. and Ryland Bannon Riley Bannon is he's twenty two years old and he is. He's a second baseman, third baseman. He's in high. He's been good. He's a, he's got a w plus and high of one fifty nine. But if you were the dodgers so Valera is the guy who's major league ready now. He's in the majors, but maybe a low upside guy de as in AA, and then you've got Kramer who is just bumped up to AA Bannon in high and pop in. So this is when you have a five player package, you could say it's good because it gives the Orioles more of a chance of hitting on one of them, but also not never gives up five really good prospects for retinal just doesn't happen. So whatever. I don't know. It's going to be a long dark appeared for the Orioles, but at least this is behind them now. Right? So if you're a dodgers and you're probably thinking, hey, we just got many. Chato and we didn't have to give up do go or may or breeze or any of their really top guys other than DS. So I think you have to look at that as as victory. Probably I don't know that that means you should look at it as a loss. If you're in Oreo spin other than the fact that you could say, well, if we had traded him over the off season or we traded a year ago, maybe we actually would have gotten more of a return. And that is certainly true, but I don't know, just kind of snap judgment. I don't know that there's anything to criticize the Orioles about given that they are trading a guy who has two three months left on his contract here depending on the playoffs. I mean, I think we just kind of have established the level for what you can get back for a guy with that little time remaining. Even if it's a guy like many Machado, and you're just almost certainly not going to get the best prospect in any good organization. I mean, you can. Point to the aroldis Chapman gleyber Torres deal. But that was sort of an anomaly I think just in the cubs were really, really going for it. They needed that World Series win. They were going to pay through the nose for tourists. And at the time it seemed like maybe they didn't really even have a place for him. So that was sort of a special circumstance. And so if you're trading Machado at the two thousand eighteen trade deadline, this is what you're going to get and probably should've traded him a lot sooner. But given that they held onto him, this long, this is kind of how it goes. And if you're an Orioles fan, I know just from speaking to my editor, Rubin who is heartbroken by the whole thing. It just kind of is a rip the bandaid off moment. They weren't gonna, bring him back there almost wouldn't be a point in bringing back given what else they have right now. So you just have to move on and be grateful that you made the playoffs a few times with Manny, and you want some games and that's how it goes. He probably did more with many than the angel. Nls will have done with my trout by the time his tenure there is over. Let's not talk about trackers..

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