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R stands for rolling. We'll have to do is press the power button on the remote control LG's. Tim Alexi says the old light at first looks like a shiny rectangular block mechanism will automatically open the hatch and out from the box will actually unroll the led display a sixty five inch TV Hyundai is unveiling a revolutionary new autonomous vehicle concept with wheels mounted on robotic legs called elevate. David Byron says, it's great for first responders allowing it to move Cillian mode, which is the most stable for offroad conditions. The elevate is designed to climb to rain other vehicles. Can't I'm Ed Donahue, several foreign diplomatic missions had to be evacuated in the Australian cities of Melbourne and Canberra. AP? Correspondent Karen champion says suspicious packages were delivered police fire crews and ambulances were seen at a number of foreign consulates in Melbourne including those at India, Gemini, ously Spain and South Korea officials at the US Swiss missions in the city said they had also seed packages, the Victoria state emergency website, netted at least ten hazardous material incidents in its capital city now then by the evening, none of those incidents was listed as ongoing. They would never reports of anyone being injured at the targeted missions invested. His Victoria police said they believed the incidents with targeted and did not impact the general community. I'm Ken Shammas up Brexit showdowns looming in the United Kingdom AP. Correspondent Karen champs reports on five days of debate in parliament despite pressure to ramp up backup measures in case of an ideal scenario government that his hand is an amendment to the finance Bill that puts right blocks in the way of government spending on Nigel preparations, the vote which saw twenty legislators for May's conservative party rebel and vote with the opposition indicates. Senate majority in parliament opposes leaving the EU without an agreements, but there is no clear majority for any single tonight, Kohl's among the competing proposals are seeking a neat deal. Calling an election or holding a second e membership referendum Cantamessa London. Hi, I'm making crane AP digital manager and host of the podcast ground game. A look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections. It's available on apple podcasts and podcast one. While you're there, be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast ground game..

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