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And all of a sudden all of a sudden, but we, hold on hold on being Corey Perry is not the hockey's. Answer. To LeBron James LeBron James is the root for whoever your team puts on the field So you would root for Corey Perry I would root for the Lakers like there are many Lakers including who I hate it even though as a Laker fan because he. Thought he flopped a lot you every time somebody would come near. Him he turned into a soccer. Player and just dove to the. Floor so he could get a call I hated that. About free throws I hated still supported the Lakers speaking of diving Tony I want you to hang on for. This. And get your reaction as well as. The room from the sixty six I'm a Lakers fan win or lose. It's just when LeBron starts to cry or tries to. Fake the fouls I. Don't think the Lakers need that style of playing Kobe never? Faked it I guarantee you LeBron, will what do you think about that I mean. It at this point it seems to, be anyone who's critical of Kobe's playing style, is missing the bigger. Picture whatever negatives you're going. To get, with, Kobe you're gonna get ninety nine percent positive about it I mean honestly. I feel like Kobe was upset with the rest a, lot as well I think players, who are the best in the league get fouled more than anyone they they do Because how can you, stop Kobe other than fouling him so you, foul him more than. Most and I he complained. A lot, about, that and yet I was still a Kobe fan same thing with LeBron. I feel like he gets probably fouled every play he's, gonna complain some Tony's gonna come, around Tony Go ahead What if what if the Lakers win a championship in? Year three let's say three years, from now I'm definitely on your side. When it comes? To arm Laker fan that's how you know diehard. Okay you want him to win I'm going to have, to root for this. Guy but I can is it legal for me to still hate. Him even though he's. On. My. Team it is a legal It's legal or not but I would think that you'll. Come I would think that you'll come around because, when he starts doing good things and it benefits the Lakers I feel like that'll be a pretty, easy transition for you You guys should call and ask him has a good point Hey you call us a, few. Weeks of the season and tell us how you're feeling okay I definitely will then and like I said I could be the Lakers LeBron update. Guy That's good, Tony thank you hey let's do one more real quick, I know, we're? Out, of, time but Ashley tested. As a real quick, point on line four place right hey Ashley Hey I am just not happy about this at, all lifelong, Laker? Fan, okay Laker. Fan Disappointed because because he doesn't care about the Lakers you'd only here to maybe wanna ring and just retire and go off into the sunset Okay but, if he wins the ring don't you win a ring as Lakers fan don't you get to see the team you love win a championship and that makes you happy But it just feels like it's not fear I feel like. It's like it's been two thousand three hundred Carmel on joining was BS but. That's what is not Karl Malone though because Carl Malone wasn't at the very peak. Of his powers it wasn't the best player in the NBA when he. Came. To the Lakers so that was, his his chance to try and cash in. And get a championship but this is? A guy who had come, and help win a championship Maybe possibly I I don't I don't why everybody's getting homework today Ashley. We want you to call us from the championship parade whenever it happens Tell us how you're feeling all right thank you Kevin and..

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