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Or W. news now it's time for morning becomes eclectic with Jason Bentley that's right Matt have you heard of the whole Hana festival I have not well it's returning to data points featuring the strokes the vendor band hearts Nathaniel rate left Jenny Lewis pool side and many more we're gonna have festival passes I want to go now I was like really was maybe some sort of a Hawaiian festival it sounds like it's unfortunately you cannot win my friends because you work here so you are not qualified well I'm I'm disqualifying myself but if I can find a way and I'll be there I'll get you some details maybe I can kia I'm ready waiting Sir ready and waiting thanks morning becomes eclectic is up next on KCRW it's alright it is all right if the US five a yeah it's all right date thing though you don't think it is so the I so so but if they're alive until this is when so if despite and this is this expand only see the and.

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