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That's then I get that right by Mangal. The mayor struggled with that the other day because, you know, I'm thinking, see CCP CCP. It's like my my turn. Okay, Red China. We know that the triple C is Russia, right or Soviet. But that's why I'm just saying to myself. Why not just everybody who go Oppa say, baby Boom! Remember Red China, as opposed to for Moshe, a Taiwan So so do this. There is ah! There's a theory out there like our free whatever Her name was previous collar. That? Yeah, The Democrats have been colluding with the Chinese and this is all way to murder US citizens to make Trump look bad. Well, he's smoking that lots of conspiracies out Take the conspiracies abound about I would like to take a moment because I am one that has made fun of Chris Christie on many occasions because of his weight issue. We wish him the very best. We realize it might be a serious complication of Corona virus. Yeah, because that's bad news for him. But what's crazy about that woman is that if she the quality that just called that she works in a hospital, and sure she's a nurse, wherever she works, and she thinks like that, I is a person of disturbing as No. It's like it's so doctors and nurses and hospital incapable of indulging in conspiratorial talk of thought. I mean, I guess so. But opposed to beast like John just said host to be reliant on science. That's what you went to school for. Not three. Use me is thin there. This meritorious you realize some of the greatest conspiratorialist have PhDs. Yeah, they come in all forms old. Let him don't let him do this to you, Jen. Fight back girl. She was scary The way that she's thinking I don't want someone like that in my house. So you're on a ventilator. Right? Your Honor ventilated. This is the only nurse ratchet. Allowable. You're choking on your own flam. She's prepared to triage on you. You're gonna choke out and you say, Oh, you're conspiratorialist. Let me die in Peace is worried that if Jen identified herself and I don't know her politics, But if she identified herself as a Democrat that she would be choking on her ham, Jennifer, the end to hear of our group identified yourself to city bus drivers. As being part of the production team of Kurdish and Juliet. I have that on good authority city bus drivers for the M T A. You're just a Yenta. Don't say that to her. She's one of the bus driver was a little mean to him a question. And then once I told him I worked for you, he was like, Oh, have a nice day so that home sales like Prozac. Look, if you were a bus driver, you'd be angry, too blind, Especially driving. Ashamed If I work at a radio station, Nobody wants somebody that they're not mean in London. They're very polite. I know. Why do they have to be so hateful? Because there you pay the fare here. You told you got to enforce the fair payment, and a lot of people just refuse to pay. I actually got glared at a couple days ago because I saw somebody jump over the turnstile, and I said all right, that's enough there and he looked at me and I was like I say anything. No, no. Seeing you like Sergeant shot. Forgive me. We have to haul pay my argument. 1 808 ABC Thiss is the rundown on 77 WNBC. Here's what's trending up one kind of help pull the political talk at the dinner table. A new poll shows most.

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