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Seven hundred and forty three billion dollars in Fixed Income Assets Nathan has a unique background he served in the Treasury Department when he was with the Federal Reserve for <hes> eighteen or so years he worked at city and then prudential and now he's been at pge him for a while he is uniquely situated to comments about <unk> out and analyse and discuss monetary policy state of the economy how best to analyze employment inflation what it means for interest rates what that means for fixed income investments <hes> it really is a fascinating conversation filled with wonky goodness so if you are remotely interested in any of those things and you know I'm interested in all of those things you will find this to be an utterly fascinating naming discussion so with no further Ado Mike Conversation with P._G._N.. Fixed incomes Nathan sheets. This is masters in business with Barry Ritholtz on Bloomberg radio. My I special guests. This week is Nathan sheets. He is the chief economist and Head of Global Macroeconomic Research at pge him fixed income which manages seven hundred forty three billion dollars in assets previously he was the under secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs prior to that he worked at U._S.. Treasury Department as well as the Federal Reserve where he served as director of the division of International Finance previously he was at Citi Group..

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