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The President directed our task force to do is really guidance for states around the country using the best recommendations of our scientific team and by lights It appears to me. That states are taking phased approach there following the data. They're following the science in their implementing. The kind of of testing and and resource assessment that is contemplated in the president Guidelines Open Up America again New York. The country's worst hit state by the virus passed twenty thousand deaths on Thursday only four countries around the world had more deaths from cove nineteen than New York but daily deaths. Zanu hospitalizations continued to drop. The State is working to ramp up testing before any major reopening plans New York City mayor. Bill de Blasios said that's especially the case with antibody tests on top of the hundred forty thousand for the first responders and the healthcare workers were adding another hundred forty thousand for every day. New Yorkers Combine two hundred eighty thousand people will get antibody tests in just the next few weeks in New York City. Over a quarter million antibody tests will be given these numbers that really start to add up even against size of a city as big as ours in Nevada. Some businesses will open up this weekend but Governor Steve. Lack says casinos and other nightlife establishments like clubs and brothels will remain closed. I am pleased to announce as a result of the Nevada cooperating in doing so well in the social distancing wearing masks that we are on track with a reopening criteria and we will enter phase one on Saturday may nights before the current state home directive would have expired on May Fifteenth Strip clubs and brothels will not be opening under phase one spas tanning salons massage parlours body art in body piercing establishments will also not be opening under phase one in as a reminder gaming establishments will not will not reopen in phase one. Guinea gaming operations shell remained closed until the gaming control board determines that operations may safely resume. There have been nearly four million confirmed cases of corona virus around the world but likely for more undetected globally. Nearly two hundred seventy thousand people have died including more than seventy five thousand in the US education around the US has been disrupted by the corona virus pandemic that means remote classes for some students and lots of changes to how testing takes place. Glare Thornton spoke with Sammy West who covers education for the USA Today Network in Wisconsin. She said students are seeing major changes to advanced placement tests so sammy how're AP TESTS GOING TO BE administered differently? This year the College Board decided to make all of the exams online. And they're all totally composed of trust essay questions and it's either one or two depending on the subject but students now only have forty five minutes to complete that online so they need to have some sort of device to do that on whether it's a phone or a tablet or computer they have the option of writing it in a word document or something else like that otherwise they can still remain out physically on a piece of paper but then then they're sending that piece of paper as a photo to the people grading the test. What if the photo they send his blurry and then they just don't get scores for the only response that counts for their entire score? I mean it's just crazy more. Broadly how is this a challenge for high school students teachers? I spoke to one teacher from Green Bay. He's been teaching. Ap Psychology you for fourteen years and he was telling me that it's hard enough for him to schedule. Google hangouts for all of them to work on the material and do their regular review and regular class things because a lot of them barely have high quality reliable Internet access so that's a huge barrier just to them studying for the test and then you add in that you know. That's now the only way they can take test you know. That's really alarming to him. In Green Bay Wisconsin that school district. It's the fourth largest district in the. It's mostly serving students of color and income students. So so that's a huge issue here and he definitely expressed concerns with that and even Internet aside. I mean a lot of families all rely on maybe one device like a smartphone or one computer that all of the siblings are using and also a lot of high school students are caring for younger siblings. Who they don't have their parents home because they need to be out working so now. They're kind of the caretaker in that situation have come out and said that they're going to be understanding because of the second chances were in. They'll accept scores just as they would normally and so a lot of students that I talked to weren't so much worried about that and same with the teachers you know. They think it'll all work out. I would say the biggest thing that they're concerned about just having a completely new tests to prepare for the nation is bracing for a likely historic unemployment rate to be reported on Friday. Almost three point two million Americans filed for unemployment benefits. Meaning SOME THIRTY. Three million did so in just seven weeks. The bleak numbers come as large parts of the economy remains shut down due to the corona virus pandemic and the tally signals will likely be the worst unemployment rate in us. History March and April jobless numbers pass old jobs created since the great recession supporters are planning to run on Friday to raise awareness for the death of Ahmad Ordinary in Georgia Arboretum. A black man was killed while out jogging by a white father and son duo of Gregory and Travis McMichael. The Ron comes a day after their arrest and they've been charged with murder and aggravated assault. The killing took place in late February in Brunswick Georgia and graphic video of the tragedy was released this week. Supporters Will Iran two point two three miles to signify the February twenty third date that the murder took place. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said that an investigation into Aubrey's death remains active and ongoing and attorneys for armories family believe he was the victim of racial profiling after he was chased down and shot by the pair while a third white man neighbor. William. Brian recorded the killing on video. The tragedy has grabbed the attention of political leaders including president. Donald Trump. My heart goes out to the parents and to the loved ones of the young gentleman. It's a very sad thing and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden called the killing a lynching a sense lens before our very eyes. Twenty twenty style. So plainly mistake about mercy family and the country deserve justice. They deserve it now. Sweat transparent investigation of this brutal murder..

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