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Yes but it's just hilarious to picture any of these actresses bugging adam driver to go rebel against the guides. Look a little. I'm a little disappointed that we'd already cast academic just because when i was looking viola davis like going through everything else that she's done. Apparently her second cousin is mike colter. The guy who plays luke cage only. I had already. We had advocated. Push driver is cal roo. Yeah yeah no we. Don't we a little sad because ally now you know he did no good villain to. He does so. There are your choices for grandmother spider and as always you can go to the sub reddit to vote for the vote for our choices and see who gets the role. We need to probably post this casting list. Summer on the webpage so people could actually see it. it's posted on the rented wicky page website though. Okay well if you wanna learn web design and figure out how to make the list. Look nice on the website but just being like. I'm not doing that. I'm not keeping up with that. That sounds like but as always thank you for listening pathak and we look forward to all of your comments about our show and future emails and you can get in contact with us on reddit and discord and twitter and facebook. And i'm sure. I'm forgetting some on our website. Stra so remember the January sixth coming up very soon. Join us for some. Hells rebels pierre paul. And if you're curious about rex notes sign up for the patriots yesterday. Why it might. Conversion notes will be available patriot with both The exact rules. Conversions as well as my own personal notes on what. I'm planning on changing because i never run everything exactly as is so if you want to get the true. Find the path experience You can get my transcribe sticky notes on the case. Spoilers abound right well as always good luck out there. Pathak stay safe fun. Play pathfinder take a fan here by scraping relations scorn shackles and the gang find the past. Ventures is an officially licensed partner of pizon inc. Mummies mask copyrighted. Two thousand and fourteen mummies mask. And the pathfinder adventure path are trademarks of All pathfinder images or property applies oh and are used with permission..

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