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He's a yelm. Set the standard. But i think bayside boy Doesn't awful lot defines some day. You know they don't really improve for but it doesn't strike me as kind of strikes me that you know. I said that wasn't fully wound up for david that he will come forward for us. Yes not racist. Kind of up to show multi reasons I think he will agree for them than a major here from us. Masica andre golden interesting Set the one forty-five at newbury will stay there and go for the to twenty the one zero five. The jeffrey i takes over What we said that isn't so we'll just go with the group showy group three Huck heads the betting at ten to eleven goten. Whatever i don't care Golden fast sixty one Red verdon eights and rodrigo diaz has is nine if we're going to go for rodrigue od as we might as well go for bubalo escobar Why not tens Again lucy would your thoughts on this race where the market is very much controlled by own boroughs and jim crowley at the head of the fares The market with suggests a one horse race. I did interesting renewal this year. I think caught law forces. You should make case them a bit more closely knit in the market To be honest. I think although i do think Of course last year's winner of this race returning in good full as well i thought his It was a fine training performance last year from our embarrassed. He wants us some award school and then to win. This race was great and then he's obviously coming into it. A at your last time out. That was in a group three krahn contest. So yeah you can see why all the money's comes to him. I think he's the standout horse. I think as valley to houseware in this race. I think there's a lot more becoming into it of within each way chance as suggests i do not sleep nine. I his run. Last time out is coast. Nubia was was good use overrunning on the closing stages and picked up fourth place in quite competitive affair. And yeah i think he's. He was a winner. I i'm out. Full rose charleston is now who now trains. That was first time out for yard. I think a whole so always runs runs. Good enough race. He showed his Sort of liking course newbury having finished last time out will mall sixty a problem. He's run those trips before and one on quick ground as well. So i think he presents a value. The weight sees. He's a nice way back Ratings well he's rated in in the one hundred so there's other horses unless you sort of rodriguez is is is by far horse on the improve. ferry unexposed as well and lightly raced for his age. Why it all. So he's got enough experience but he's quite nicely he hasn't been so pitched in erases. It hasn't had a chance in come. He thought it often so cost. Cost is last season and then he saw best onto the scene. This season better quality as nestle has run last. Time was yes out before finishing second in the cost to not. I saw last time out. I saw the page in that race with thought you're setting up trip and stepping in cross. So it might be a bit of a big reducing our diets but it was a lot of money that canes him so was reflected in his running. So he's yeah. He's very interesting radio diets. I think and Getting on in age he's quite high to handicap. Now is well away was a win last time out and holy do on. His back is is advantage. I'll do like sleeping line. I think he rents a little bit value in this race. And i think he didn't get back to to win ways at some point. So i think each way he said he's good shout and you can get over twelve Rodrigue as was how. I was going to play it roy. Few i.

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