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As far as college coaching carousel goes a good friend of ours. In a guy, we both know very well and Mike Loxley leaves as Alabama's offensive coordinator. He will coach through the college football playoff. He goes to Maryland Kirk. I think this is a home run hire for the Maryland Terrapins because locks I went to high school up there at Georgetown prep. Well, they don't friend of ours Kevin plank, and then he went plank went on to Saint John's, and you talked to any high school coach in the in the DMV area that tristate area they love Mike logs. As a matter of fact, Dwayne Haskins was committed to Maryland because of locks and when locks went Alabama and left Maryland. Then next thing, you know, you know, has is at Ohio State. I think this is a perfect fit to try to heal Maryland and bring a winning culture. In with Mike Loxley. So when you look at what Alabama again, how hard is it for him to do both jobs, and what do you make of locks to Maryland. I'm fired up another one. I can't wait to see. You're right. We've gotten very close with locks over the years and. If there was one job, I I'm sure he'd be willing to to leave the perch being the OC with Tua and with Alabama avenue, whatever fifty points a game. And they got basically the entire offense coming back next year where they're going to be a year older year wiser year faster lookout next year. The goal is sixty a game. All right here. We go. But without locks there. You know, I think locks it took him having an opportunity to go back home. And you just talked about a couple of high schools in that area. That's a great area for high school football when he was an assistant coach in Illinois. And at Maryland, he he crushed it. He has as many good contacts as anybody. And I think it probably took that. And I think everything that that program has had to endure I think that maybe even add it to the fact that after toward McNair tragically lost his life during a workout in the summer, and they suspended DJ Durkin Matt Canada admirably stepped up and did the best job that he could. I think part of there's gotta be something inside locks. It's looking at that and seeing what's going on. And man, I got I love to come home. And and try to help them turn this thing around so big higher by Maryland wish locks nothing, but the best as far as preparation for the Oklahoma game and the Orange Bowl in potentially national. Championship. I think we've had I don't know how many assistant coaches coordinators at Alabama that have done this where they've had to try to put two hats on these thirty days where one hand they're trying to get Alabama offense ready and and try to win that game. And on the other hand trying to put a staff together and trying to recruit for Maryland Kirby. Smart probably did as well as anybody lane kiffin, not so much. We're when they actually tried to say, hey, you know, what we're good. Voca heavily, and he Sark, I know Yemen, call to play all year come on over here, pal. You're going to call the the national championship against the Shawn Watson. And actually did a pretty good job. You know position to win the game with two thirty go. Yeah. He did. So I I think Nick saving knows how to manage that. I'm sure he'll share a lot of his thoughts with Mike Loxley on on how he should try to break up his day to try to be able to do what he needs to do to get Alabama ready to go and locks is such a team guy. I mean, of course, he's excited about Maryland. But I also think he's dedicated to the cause of trying to help. Bama win another national title. Again, cannot be happier for him his family and everything even doored at Maryland. He is the perfect fit in my opinion, your opinion, right to go in and and try and take Maryland to a whole 'nother level now another guy, we know. Well, Mel Tucker defense. Coordinator Georgia now goes to Colorado. Herb is a longtime coming for for talk. We know him very well going back to his days at Ohio State is a great NFL resume what he's done at Georgia's been spectacular Colorado, you'd done good because you're getting a leader of men guys grabbed Tate to they take on the personality of talk..

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