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Not gonna help. Yeah and if you've been following like tom woods is research on this he always has all these graphs up that. Show that the masks like that. They make things worse necessarily but they absolutely don't make anything better in any place where there's been a mandate it doesn't change the rate of infection at all. Just a huge push for vaccinations for kobe and I always thought it was sort of the concept that my medical information was private something that only might medical. You know provider. Many people thought that absolutely yes. That's a great point. So how are we gonna somehow turn around and use that information as sort of a passport decide whether or not i get to do things like go to a particular college or travel or just things being talked about through to a concert or a sports game or something like that. Yeah i i don't know the answer to that question and what really bothers me. Is that no officials from hip or any of the medical agencies have stepped up and gone. Hey wait a minute. That's odd yeah. Why aren't any of these medical professionals like from hip or from any of the privacy agencies going. Hey hey wait a minute. This violates medical privacy. That's already in place. And i think anybody should be allowed to get a vaccine if they want the vaccine but the idea of making it basically mandatory by like what you say not being able to go to specific college unless you get it is crazy for something that we don't even have one hundred percent like they haven't proved within a shadow of a doubt that it is absolutely something that's going to help us. Not you know. Have covid in the future or help us like recover from kobe better. They haven't even proven that how how it a requirement it's crazy. I noticed that processed foods disgusted me. Get and i mean i couldn't tastes than but i could smell them. That's your serum right. So for example. I made just a grilled cheese sandwich right regular ass white bread some process cheese food slices you know from the local grocer. You know what i mean..

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