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So he's going to be two staffs in your two that's not good baker mayfield is going number one according to local regional national sourcing vegas now officially changing the odds they don't do that just on rumors and speculation all double triple quadruple down i do not think baker mayfield and i say this with great confidence is brett farve and with that we go to the site of the nfl draft dallas texas tonight age turn here on fox network daniel jeremiah the coward global satellite network the common scout with a baltimore ravens the philadelphia eagles brown for over eight years maybe i'm too harsh i just don't get it what am i missing on baker mayfield you're a former nfl scout for almost a decade what am i missing well look i it's it's really gonna be fun to watch what happens tonight column but i think baker mayfield's the third quarterback in this class in the fact that he's going number one definitely does surprise me i heard you talking about scott mcclellan in that connection there john dorsey going back to brett farve also mcluhan was there in seattle when they had russell wilson so you've got that connection as well you're trying to talk yourself into the fact that baker mayfield is the next version of those players now i don't i don't see him in that light yeah i think he's got a chance to be successful but i've been saying from start to finish your that sam darnold is the obvious pick and things are obvious furry reason just make the obvious choice and get the right guy it sounds like they're going to different direction either way last season you and i agreed on this i just found this out you add to shawn watson number one and a lot of people were talking themselves out of sean watch and because of the turnovers and they're talking they're self out of darnell because of the turnovers.

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