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The ball to the other team like his predecessor did last week when they got stopped by the rand's and yet the crowd with one have david johnson cross palmer looked a little older thethe look bad early verse detroit rick accord that quarterback going to be better than tolls lane is still won't be enough the cardinals have just enough offense to make this work they give this went 27 at thirteen tightens at jaguar's hindes a one and a half point favorite over jacksonville on the road a home opener for the jaguars epa this the hugh austin texas last week they changed the twitter handled a saxon ville at the getting ten sacks how much will lease that people have in the jaguars after week one how much that was a fluke or not the tides aren't of luke i still wonder if they're ready they weren't ready against oakland they'll be ready for the busy game on the go the jaguars here they'll cover and not only when it 21 seventeen goals action news piece of five and a half point prayer against the philadelphia eagles ed you can hold you can have the whole andy reid angle against his former team i get it these offense will put some points on the board i don't have any doubt about that i think the chiefs have too many playmakers but philadelphia to slow that down and a like last week her causes made problem for himself in the red zone out smith won't do that entertaining game lobbies a pay attention is game i got the teeth winning a 28 that's one eight six page of the six and a half point favorite over the new all the saint the saints still campaigning defense but that offense at a saint will give the patriots trouble you got to you to all the vein quarterback over forty thousand yards each between them and tom brady drew brees aging pierce who give more deny carries is still all matter host won patriots win it twenty three to twenty years incest goes that their home opener six point favorite against the minnesota vikings he gets you pretty good defenses vikings and exceptional potentially defense steel is not bad it's going to be tough sledding have been rocklets bergen sam braford special braff at.

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