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My name is david ortiz they call me big papi despite story david ortiz the big papi story subscribe now and get the entire series on april sixteenth on apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows and now a page from the diary of flo dear diary there's something about protecting people's homes through progressive that inspires me 'cause i just had an idea for a book well it was originally an idea for a movie based on a play inspired by a podcast but the idea is how you can save when you bundle home and auto might not be the best idea for a book save an average of seventeen percents on car insurance when you bundle home and auto through progressive maybe a radio commercial guess we'll never know progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations keeping it simple is usually a good thing and when it comes to rewards programs keeping it simple is always a good thing that's why we made the napa rewards program how beck ford way merloni and for am on sports radio weei.

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