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Backed by more than seventy clinical studies. I wanna wish all my listeners a very happy thanksgiving and remind you that I'll be. Back to my regular time. That's noon to three the Joyce Kaufmann shell. All right. So all right. So let's let's talk about this year. There's a couple of stories I wanna get into having to do with virginity. And there's a woman who she's she's a student, but she's twenty six years old. She remembers we did a story. A while back a woman for blended who is selling her virginity that she was, you know, auctioning it off to the highest bidder I'll get to that a second. But there's another story, and I guess MacAulay Culkin. I don't even know what is what was the last movie. He was in. I think he's been in a movie for a while probably like a B movie, right? 'cause he his career really kind of stopped after the kids. It's sort of began and ended with home alone. Right. Right. Right. And do much before. He had drug problems. And I think he was trying to get into some movies, but with a couple of innings, anyway, he was on this this podcast for some reason. They would they brought up. How'd you lose your everybody wants to know about MacAulay culkin's remember him as the kid from home alone? But they want okay. Once you've got older, and you couldn't get any roles you had to be like a regular teenager. No, what was the rest of your life life. So they got around to talking about losing their virginity and MacAulay Culkin said I lost my virginity to the white album. I guess he was with this chick. And they were listening to the Beatles. White album. Why don't we do it the road is that on the white album? Yes. It is. Helter skelter. Mannix song of all time. I think that's a Manson lessons. Vicente skelter. Nobody says I lost a tooth to the white album. He says in a nutshell he says, I am I doing it. Right. Says everything's a little warm in sticky. What's going on? And yes that was me losing my virginity at fifteen silver colored. Cokie was fifteen years old when he was virginity. Another time where I kinda. If I did or not, I don't know. It was it was so quick was like a drive by. I just remember. There was a chicken she was willing and everybody in labor pretty much had added. And I think that's how it happened. Like, I said, I you know, I got into the Boone's far apple wine as a little I don't know little sketchy. I think I did I think I I think that was about the ace about fifteen year would probably listening to lies by the knickerbockers one minute and fifty eight second house, dude. It was the last show. Bullying. Shorter than that. It was you know, we did that once on a morning show that that was the topic the phone in topic, call us and tell us what song you're listening to when you lost your virginity. And the the woman on this show admitted that it was she was there were watching show boat on television. And she lost her virginity to. Oh, man..

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