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Forgotten favorites. Rush Limbaugh from them open line Friday in other light hearted news, James me. And you did you see. These are bizarre comments Jayme Komi made yesterday cybersecurity conference outside San Francisco, by the way. Does anybody? Find it strange that call me if still out there weighing in on all he's been fired. He has been repudiated. He was this credited in a lot of this. And yet he's still out there. Clapper still out there Brennan's too. Brandon Brennan's kinda gone underground. But me was at a a cybersecurity conference onsite San Francisco. He got a question about bars comments about spying during his hearing testimony on Wednesday. Oh, I think there was fine. And Komi claimed again, he said when I hear that kind of language used it's concerning because the FBI the department of Justice conduct court ordered electron extra Valence I have I've never thought of that if buying. Electron IX of what what is he talking about? If electron surveillance is not spying. It doesn't matter. If it's court ordered or not doesn't matter if it's court authorized or not it's still spying the vast majority of the spying done in the world is authorized by some government or another. These people know folks, I'm telling you, they know and they are quaking in their boots. And you know, another reason, you know, another way you can tell. So here comes bar and his testimony on Wednesday in response to question. He says, oh, yeah. Yeah. I wanna spying going on. And what was the reaction to it? You can't say outrageous that is off the charts. That's beyond the pale. That's the dignity of all of you can't say the F B, I was buying and as my friend Andy McCarthy pointed out, these are the same people are calling Trump a traitor. They were calling Trump a Russian agent. They were calling Trump Adolf Hitler. So they can run around, and they can say that Trump is a traitor that Trump is far in agent that Trump is a Russian spy that Putin is running and controlling Trump. But bar cannot say what the FBI was doing with spying. I think a lot of people are properly quaking in their boots about now. But it is a specially preposterous to hear call me. Claim that his F B went to the FIS a court. Or times? For warrants to spy on Carter page using a political opposition research document created by. The presidential opponent of Donald Trump. This combing not know that foreign intelligence surveillance Faiza, the foreign entailing intelligence services court is what it is. But. Foreign intelligence surveillance act fighting does not know that the Senate him for spying. What is he talking about? He know they've been caught. Well, I never considered spying spying such a despicable were in. We don't. We don't spy court aren't Valence. Maybe call me only believes inspiring when you spy on foreigners when you spy on political opponents campaign. Maybe I guess, that's okay. Or maybe when you spy on a US naval academy graduate who had even worked for the FBI is an informant. I guess I guess that's okay. That would be Carter page. Tell you folks. It's I just have this sense. You know, I'm kind of going out on a limb here because I don't have any. Knowledge the back this up. I just have a sense that that everybody bar and everybody here is really really serious about this because everybody paying any attention of this is got to be fully aware. Of the absolute over the top outrage. This was and let's stick with the light-hearted news. This being open line Friday. The Boston Globe published and then edited an op Ed in current djing waiters to tamper with Trump officials food. So it's a dirty political trick for Trump to be thinking about sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. And when did you buy should not be using the words buying when talking about what the FBI does that somehow a dirty political trick and so Trump sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities? But. The Boston Globe. Publishes an op Ed encouraging waiters to tamper with Trump official's food. Boston Globe found itself in hot water on Wednesday. After publishing an opinion piece from a man who said he regretted not your animating on a neoconservative, pundits, food and encouraged waiters to tamper with the food outgoing homeland security secretary. Here's Jim Nielsen the article titled keep cures Jin Nielsen unemployed and eating grub hub over her kitchen sink was written by Luke O'Neil. A former waiter and occasional writer for the Boston Globe. Article. Now has an Editor's Note at the top. And has been stealth edited for tone. They say here's how the article originally began one of the biggest regrets of my life. This is this guy. Local Neil writing one of the biggest regrets of my life is not. I can't. Uses the P word for urinating. Right here in the Boston Globe. One of the biggest regrets of my wife is not peeing. I'm Bill Kristol, salmon. I was waiting on the disgrace neo-con pundit and chief Iraq war cheerleader about ten years ago in a restaurant in Cambridge and to my turtle dismays some combination of professionalism and Pusa l'ennemi prevented me from footprint. Louis peeing on his entree? A rugged of blood on the side might have been a better option. Come to think of the always did see him really thirsty for blood. Austin globe published this credit? O'neil originally concluded the op Ed encouraging food service employees that'd be waiters for those of you in relive to tamper with the food of Trump official as for the waiters out there. I'm not saying you should tamper with anyone's food that could get in trouble. You might lose your serving job, but you'd be serving America if you did it, and you won't have any regrets years later. Now, an Editor's Note at the top of the article now reads a version of this column as a regionally published did not meet globe standards, and has been changed the globe regrets the previous tone of the piece. Wait a minute. Now somebody passed on it. Somebody looked at it some editor at least one and signed off on it authorized it for publication. What's happening? These this is the this is the Twitter fixation. Of the democrat party writ large. This is the kind of crap. That now comprises the democrat voting base. How else to explain the Washington Post signing are the the Boston Globe rather signing off on this and authorizing its publication. And then not taking it down. But rather stealth editing it for tone. You ask who are these people? Well, they're not us. These people are sick. They are deranged lunatic sick. And they're also desperate as they can be to be noticed. Obviously. All right. We plot on FOX. We'll be back..

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