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Now confirmed by Congress, winner of the presidential election that coming hours after addressing the nation, Our democracy is under unprecedented assault, unlike anything we've seen in modern times. So how this all happened yesterday? That's what we're looking at. Counter terrorism expert Roger Cressey started in senior positions under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He says they were definitely plans in place, obviously, but they whom the president was not going to act as a instigator and ask Seen this mob to march on the Capitol. I'm Drew Mohammed now. W RKO traffic from the my pillow dot com Traffic center. Things are looking good downtown. Nothing in your way on the leverage the sycamore, the Tobin, the airport tunnels, looking good as well tuned from Logan and your are right on inside the O'Neill tunnel and on Storrow Drive to and from leverage Circle about a 10 minute drive on either side of the expressway between the O'Neill tunnel in the brain tree split. And then you're fine. Continuing on Route three from Braintree, Donna Plymouth North Bound sides, Okay, 20 Fours finds those 95 You're looking good on the pike from Boston out to 4, 95 and back upper and lower ends of 1 28 have no big delays. Lower end of 93 is wide open between Braintree and Ken and the operator of 93. You're good to go from the second bridge all the way up to end over and back. So that's looking good there, Route three towards New Hampshire's wide open between Burlington and National Those 95 on the upper end there between Peabody in New Hampshire, and 95 is also okay from Canton down to Rhode Island and back both sides looking good. I'm Dave Gardner and the W. R K o Traffic Center. Welcome back to customize and save with Liberty Mutual insurance Company. The game show where you only pay for what you need, And we're out of time on Lee pay for what you need at liberty mutual dot com. Now W. RKO Weather Channel forecast. Finally, some sunshine showing up in our forecast Big close low That's been off the coast finally moving on far away from us now and the winds relaxing some here today or still in the northwest wind out there. 40 degrees are high today, but all the rain and snow is push well away from the coast now. 25 degrees are low tonight and then sunshine for Friday. 38 in the mid thirties this weekend. Next several weather systems stay well southeast of us. I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore at the Weather Channel on the Voice of Boston. Am 6 80 WR Ko..

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