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She sattar it out whether you loved look bill clinton or not smartest politician will be politicially that in years he told their thing she didn't do it just like elgort waste it bill clinton i i noticed her i don't wanna get off in a town just curious alloway where it was a we don't we don't often get high school government teachers on the programmes oscars thank you for the call we'll take a look at the news and we'll come back with more get the best of the week coming up on seven sixty wjr seven sixty wjr news kim rogalski a swordwielding man from an roe was in jail after he allegedly cut one woman's face it and sexually assaulted another there was a brief police chase after a suspect was arrested after he crashed his car he's in jail on multiple charges the woman who had her face lashed underwent emergency surgery and is in stable condition the man who struck and killed on duty detroit police officer gut sixteen to twenty years today 55yearold stephen goose zina addressed the court i'm so sorry this jeered is half of so sorry your children they'll have a father you'll have osborne i'm so sorry the destruction that exists your free police say zina was high on crack cocaine when he hit officer myron jared while he was on a radio coal there was a report from a chinese company that had made a quiet bid the by fiat chrysler automotive news reported the offer was turned down because it wasn't big enough and a judge designed bond for an ohio man accused of running over a group of protesters in virginia killing one and injuring nineteen others james fields jr of mommy ohio stands accused of seconddegree murder another counts police say he steered right into the crowd wall street had a good day today the dow up one hundred thirty.

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