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It really is right dr jeffrey shapiro isn't assistant professor of internal medicine cardiologist at new york pressed but you're in hospital columbia university and and why you leg on medical center he's bored certified him internal medicine and cardiovascular disease and his areas of expertise include cardiologist clinical cardiologist at heart disease as well good morning cartridge apparel good morning telling you we're just fine so on a day like today and this cold if you want to get out of bright solid a and they wanna start exercising an walking is or any kind of and then we should remember before we exercise on a very cold day tell you when the come to get try to know how cold it is but i think it's a that sixteen eighteen agreed up here and i got you get a really be capital on that sweater most people should not go out in this twenty although looks really nice your body definitely goes into a little bit state of shock and stressed when you when you doing things we'll let the man especially anybody with heart disease anybody who's older to death police to indoors the colts i mean you can i blew the media instead in very very quickly inactive second really lee two things in the body picked in the blood and delivery to the hard is altered it to pursue potato even an event door on attack so stay stadium on wednesdays when it gets if it's you know when you look at the to look so beautiful on bright but again atari i was out last night in the win was just coming like to our bodies lillard told shoulder the the inside of a couch you can still you know avila vote walk around the house show if you wanna kerr couple of for fifteen twenty minutes get some exercise you can still do it inside the home are going talk about a very important supplement today met is a coke you chen and you know i think it's going one the most crucial the we a lot of people that don't give it it's a like it's doing the attention that it's supposed to get so good tall are our listeners what he's coke you ten and what role doesn't play in the human body so i was done to ten has been known since some good good early days.

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