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Said. Hey, if you would like to be a substitute teacher and come in and man These rooms and you're you're willing to do it. Hey, apply it. Cincinnati Public way loved it. We'd love to have you Well, I've seen it. And so the quality of education is not existent. The teachers are all pissed off. I imagine extracurricular activities have been spiked or have been ruined, but the cost of education continues to skyrocket. What's the solution? Laura Mitchell. What's the What Advice? No Cold. Frederick. What advice would you give the superintendent? What should she do? I would say, pause for a second. Breathe. Just breathe. I understand. She's getting pulled in a million different directions. She trying to steer this bus, you know, kind of kind of She's got people chirping in one ear, and she people tripping in the other ear. And so she's gotta take some. Some guidelines from the CDC who's now double down that schools are a safe place for these kids to be, and she needs to, you know, provide her teachers with the protection that they need, whether its mass and shield Maybe it's the hand sanitizer and put in these protocols because, like I said, I'm teaching at a school. We've had virtually no cases. Our kids are fine, and I even teach the little little right where they are in each other's space. They're not doing 6 ft apart, and we let him take their masks off at recess. Issues, and none of our teachers have gotten it. So I, you know, I just think she needs to just calm down. Follow the CDC and say you know what? Let's go as as cautious as we can, because you can't tell me these so called Scare. Teachers aren't going to target that. They're not going to program that they're not going to these other places I would advocate to say your classroom teacher because you're in control of it. Probably the state this place you can be and the kids are not spreading it. Okay, But you know Nicole Frederick Science matters and were told by the American Medical Association, the American Pediatric Association were told by the World Health Organization. We're told by the C D. C. We're told by Dr Anthony Fauci, the safest place for a kid to be's in school. But you have so many skittish parents and unconcerned superintendents that let's face it. The safest place to be is not at home running around the streets, because that's where you're unsafe. You're safe is that they can high school or use high school. That's where you need to be. Well, I know I know you got to get running, but no cold. Frederick Thank you for giving us your perspective. You're saying the school district is in a meltdown at this point? They are and they're just not listening to science right now. And they need to get these kids back in school and kicking the can down the road is not is not beneficial Both Forman educational standpoint, which I've said it before. This educational gap is on Lee Gonna Why it Xena. It's like the Titanic, but he had turned it on a dime. We're going to see repercussions of this for years to come. And they need to be with it was their teacher to care about them, who wants them in before and in the classroom? Where? There where their heist and they're gonna learn. I mean, that's just the end of it. The Cole Thank you very much for coming on the Bill Cunningham show. We'll do it again. Thank you for this report. Thank you. Nicole. Frederick. Thank you. Listen, let's continue and she brought up a great point there at the end. One of the great things we hear about the academic divide between urban and suburban schools is the fact that the testing indicates that the urban schools air miserably failing by every objective measurement, everyone Most of the suburban schools are operating. Fairly well. The Catholic schools in Ohio are just proceeding with life, some almost 200,000 educated Children in the Catholic school system and in greater Cincinnati. Doing quite well. They're functioning. They're in school. Have you heard any outbreaks at Mueller High School or elder or Hamilton Beeton? It doesn't happen. It's not alter. It doesn't happen. Very it's handled. So what is so different about the educational experiences if you talk about LaSalle say Next mauler Alter shaman. Odd Mount Notre Dame arse align. What? What's the difference? The difference is certain groups are committed to a child's education to make it work and other individuals in urban areas are not committed. Then they complain how holler and shout about the differentials that their behavior is cost. And so what is different about a girl who lives in Western hills or a boy in Western hills that goes to elder or tries to go toe West? I right across the street. The elder kid is functioning going to school. The West I kid completely dysfunctional. Needing education is the ladder out of the hole in which here she finds themselves. Are not permitted. You go to high school, and now they're talking about January or February. This is is this exposed to divide not between race or class, but by commitment, education and not a commitment to education, looking for a reason not to be in school, as opposed to find a reason to be. Get your reaction next number to call the course's 749 7000 bill cutting him 700 wlw. It will be for versus fears..

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