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The toys will be sorted and separated by material type processed and recycled according to the company mature materials that cannot be re purposed as recycled content will be down cycled into other plastic products. Are they paying for this. Because otherwise just send us your collectible. That's exam well. If you're anything like me. It's all covered with lipstick and cut the hair and shit but it's barbie matchbox and mega toys. Like corvette and the malibu bar in the house and the grads weren't that rich. I had the corvette. my friends. Charity had the malveaux dream house. I'd have to go play with her to play with that Didn't have skipper wasn't interested in skipper. But i had auger gay friend. Squatty best friend barbie and skipper church friends. I don't remember skip the personality. And i had kind say multiple barbies can And all of the whenever we went to the toy store. I wouldn't get to pick a barbie 'cause that's when he likes but i would get to pick a new sequined dress for marvin which was the best So he had the vet barbie ever have a ferrari got look that used to that. It was like the angeline hot pink convertible. That's all she. I remember that. I remember the vet. I'm only getting back to. There was an old john. Hiatt song called the rack of the barbie ferrari but maybe that was just alliteration. Basically writing song party crashing for our aunt. Barbie had the grads away. Magnum jan twenty eight whichever the t bars or whatever on top tee tops. No that's a target top using. Sounds like a t top but it's.

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