180K Ram pickups recalled; power steering can fail


That scooters are distributed fairly Shapiro says line is committed to making sure that everyone in all corners of the city have access to transportation when they need it to Pero says line is ready to deploy in Philadelphia as soon as the state legislature and city council pass regulations, but it's impossible to tell how long that will take Pat Loeb, KYW NewsRadio. And now we have a couple of technology stories for you this morning. Number one, Amazon has a new device. It's facial detection technology, but we could have a big glitch. A new study finds the Amazon technology often miss identifies. Women as men, particularly when they have darker skin, researchers from MIT and the university of Toronto say they looked at Amazon because it has marketed the system to law enforcement privacy and civil rights advocates say Amazon should not do so because of worries about discrimination against minorities. Amazon says the study uses a facial analysis not facial recognition and that the technology has since been updated. I'm Anne Cates. And Philadelphia's teacher's union has developed a new smartphone app of their own in. It lets users report environmental problems in Philadelphia schools. Matt. Mike denardo. The PFC healthy schools tracker allows users to submit issues that need fixing in Philadelphia's aging school buildings says Jerry Roseman the union, health and welfare funds. Environmental. Scientist people are reporting mold their reporting lead paint damage. The union shares the info with the school district which compares the reports with its own data to see whether a fix is already in the works. Jim Creedon is the district's environmental consultant can supplement that. And we tackle it, prioritization and make things happen. That's obviously a good thing for students, but credence says he's concerned that a response to an urgent issue could be delayed. If someone reported it to the union through the app instead of notifying a district, building engineer directly, Mike DeNardo, KYW NewsRadio. And we'll have this story coming up for you in the next five minutes right here on KYW the secrets of the past on earth in an archaeological dig at the site of the museum of the American revolution are being disclosed. A new book on

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