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So Ricardo Leona joining us? He is a comedian from the very funny podcast. one-two-three jokes and Eric and I were fortunate enough to be on it. I lost Eric One because one. It's a competitive joke podcast I was also. I was also led to believe that maybe I one. Because the the wording that gave the judge was not very good. What did he say? I don't know I don't remember I don't WanNa remember it was a lot of doesn't happen in a court of law. They don't usually go. was convicted I'm not. Was a blast. Though we again, we're happy to have you guys on. We're so excited. Happy guys. You sound very enthusiastic about that. It was. Odd It was still fun was crew to have you on. Let's do it again sometime and then you're going to get a high. Number Anyway. It sounds like you guys through the corona. Times have been adapting evolving using zoom house the podcast. Go and tell us a little bit about it. It's good. It's a competitive comedy podcast. Take three stories from the news usually weird stories, right three jokes about each story and secrets on his joke. My name is Ricardo alone. Against the INTRO it's it's really fun. We have a lot of local comedians on because of the the whole quarantine. We've had We've had some people town well, so that's been fine. That's that's something. We hadn't really stretched out to do yet. Cool it's really. Important Destroy Yourself. We're going to send A. WE usually have a live show that Chiba hurt every month. Every month that she but. Except, obviously we can't have that anymore. What we can do, take out podcasts podcast that we can't do. Fuck cats. But so now we've we've. We've turned our life podcast into a live facebook Catholics but on the most. Recent. Guest. I was GONNA ask too. So how did the podcast even come to be? I know it's what six seven years old by now and or seven years old Yep we. We've all been friends since school robber night since junior high and Jeremy since high school and we. Robert had been wanting to start up a podcast He'd done some podcast with his friends like they were on a boat. Lost at sea. And that was kind of the. The, the artifice of it, but wait in, realize okay. Okay, sorry. They would. They would take a boat out to every. ODD CAST! now, so we Jeremy and I would always send texts to each other. Going like I was at this weird news story. Right jokes about it. And we thought one when we just adapt that. Jeremy and Robert weren't friends until I brought him in, and they're still really not friends. Yes, that's kind of the impetus for all of it and we've been doing it for seven years. It's been pretty good. We had some different some cast changes and different readers and judges, but but I think we kinda hit our stride right now are doing really well. That's great, so there's no one on the current cast that you hate. No comment? A So I also have to ask I. Don't think you have but I think you should. Have you ever done. STAND UP! Yeah. Okay. I. I get really obsessed with the word, so I have to practice a lot and I. don't like telling the same jokes over and over again I don't. I don't respect the craft of stand up so I. Don't do too much, but every once in a while. These something special and upper someone show that asked me directly or I think they're doing a cool thing and I'll do special for them. Wow? I felt I would. I would rate jokes and tell him and I'm like it's fun. You know I think they're funny, but then like two weeks later the. Say This joke again. This is just sick of this like. Everything I. write is gold. I. Just don't know what exactly you just tired of it easily Ferrari after Ferrari, it's just old after a while I get it. Having the group. You know there's a lot of support. We support each other and we. We kind of become like this little crew that when people when other comedians out in public, they're always asking. Hey, where are the other guys? We don't hang out? Do often. Hang out all the time. Nice, so do you guys when you hang out? Do you have an entourage formation? Do you go in the middle and then Bob on the rise, and then Jeremy on. Do you own a van together. We do we solve mysteries not as Like we had a cold case. We're working on for a decade and I just I just got bored with it. I wasn't as interested. Oh Man, yeah, meddling adults aren't as effective as meddling kids. Wasn't like when we were kids. All right. Anything else about you. I feel like nothing about you. Ricardo Leone. To keep it that way. Man of mystery I liked that. I went to school. I studied performance art. which you know I, think that comes in a lot within the kind of comedy that I do. Often I have props and stupid things and dress up like Batman or whatever I feel like is the appropriate. Thing. That's good. What's your favorite prop that you've used so far? The favorite prop that I use so far.

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